Beauty Product Reviews

Don't like

I got this mascara as it's talked about as a cult classic but I do not know what people love about this. I have tried using it a few times now incase I wasn't letting it dry but no! Every time the mascara would smudge or nip my eyes. It is too watery for me. I will stick to my smashbox mascara, love it.


This pallet is great, I haven't touched any of my other shadows or palette since purchasing this one. It is so pretty on most complexions and the sparkly glittery colors in Thai palette are just amazing. Great color pay off and some wonderful eye designs can be created. The only downside is that I heard they have started testing in animals, this is something I am against so will not be purchasing the naked 3 palette until I know.

Not a fan

I bought this as my lips stared to get dry and I didn't have a good convenient lip treatment for say time. I did not like it, it made my lips even more dry. I think I will stick to my Elizabeth Arden 8 hour gel, it is the most amazing product for most uses but for the lips wow. I put it on before bed and in the morning my lips are as a soft as can be. Highly recommend.

Does the job

Great brush for powder, it covers your full face almost with no real effort. It is huge and extremely soft. One dunk in to your powder of choice and your good to go.

Good brush for foundation, this was my first Real Techniques brush and it worked a treat until I found the stippling brush by the same make. I would recommend this if you have a small face and like to get in to the small places as it's a lot smaller than the stippling brush. Really soft like all of the Real Techniques brushes and easily cleaned.

I love this brush as my blush brush but I feel it is just too big, I hardly use any of the bush at all. It also picks up a lot of product so be careful not to dunk your brush in too much. Really soft and engle and good if you need a brush that picks up a lot of product.


I love this brush to poly my foundation. I previously used a kabuki brush and the Real Techniques expert face brush but this is a lot quicker, softer and just the right size. I will either buy another one of these or use my expert brush as a back up when this is being cleaned. It is a great brush that leaves your foundation looking flawless.


I highly recommend this product, I know it is a miracle product for most things such as skin, hair, sores, cooking etc. I got this product to try on my skin but I have ended up using it for my piercings. I thought id give it a try one day on my almost new piercing and it worked wonders. My ear piercing was irritated and sore and the next day after putting a small amount of this on my ear was completely pain free, not red at all and no irritation. It's a miracle. I have used it on my lips too but it dries my lips out for some reason, don't know if it is just me. I have also tried this on my hands and nails and it works just great too. The smell is obviously to die for.

Not as good as the hype

I bought this as I had used nail extensions and gel polishes for a couple of months and my nails broke very easily. I heard this was great and would resolve my nail issues. It certainly does that and I am so happy with this product. I seen a dramatic difference from the first application. Your nail gets stronger and slightly curved as curved nails are harder to break than poker straight nails. I would definitely purchase a new one of these. I use this as my base coat for any nail polishes and it works just great.

Color Vernis

I purchased one of these to see how I liked it. I am glad to say these are if good quality, last longer than most non gel polishes. The only downside is the small brush size, I hope they have or are coming out with a larger brush to make application easier. I wanted a true red and this one is close but just not as bright as I wanted. I am going to purchase more of these as I hate chipped nails and I can rely on Butter London. I am excited to try out the other reds and the other colors. I would recommend.