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Raw Coconut Cream

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Melissa S.
Thin and absorbs fast

I’m absolutely in love and wish I can order many more. Packaging is great. Smells like heaven. Not greasy and is fast absorbing. I’m sold.

sara d.
It’s just coconut oil

Save yourself the $18 and buy a large bottle from the grocery store. I thought it would feel better/ give better results, but no. It’s the same as the organic ones at the supermarket

Kelly K.
Not a cream

I really am not a fan of this at all. I was SO excited to use it and I think that has also led to greater disappointment.

The one star is for the scent of the product but I suspect if this is left around too long, it will turn rancid given the jar packaging.

I used this as a makeup remover and it did not remove my mascara. Product takes a while to remove even with a warm face cloth. I am quite sure this has also led to breakouts in my chin where I never had issues even as a teenager. On top of that, I do not have sensitive skin.

At room temperature, this product is a hard. I had to use my mini spatula to scrape it.

I used it on my hair to finish it up just so it is not a waste of money.

Judy M.
Amazing for everything

use it on body, remover makeup with baby wipes and to cook. Is my stable daily. I think mixing with other oils for Night routine makes it powerful functions too.

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Michelle D.
Love RMS line but see Victoria H. review- totally agree-re-packaged and way overpriced

Yes nice, and efficacious, but it is just virgin coconut oil --Costco right now has a gargantuan jar of virgin, cold -pressed, premium organic --beautiful coconut oil that is is anything, even nicer! I see it's also on Amazon, Walmart. It's truly lovely oil

Kim M.
Not for removal of eye makeup

I bought this with the intension of using it to remove my eye makeup. I saw all the rave reviews and decided to give it a try...no...just no! Doesn't do it. And it left a film all over my eyes. Only thing I'm using this for now is a moisturizer on my face and body which I do like..but that's it.

Rose H.

This really is worth the money. I couldn't tell you if there is a difference between this and the cheaper stuff, but even if it's just a placebo effect, I can't go back. I had a crazy allergic reaction to a new sunscreen, and this kept my skin clean and moisturized so it could heal. I think it even sped up the healing time. Plus it smells great.

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Esmeralda  M.
Raw Coconut Creat is the best I've used!!!

I use make up wipes 1st to take off my make up and then apply this cream and it takes off the remainder. It leaves my eyes nice and moisturized and looking real fresh. I love this stuff!!!

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Christina D.

After reading many reviews, I was expecting this to be on par with virgin coconut oil, but decided to give it a try nonetheless. This stuff is amazing! I've been using it for about two weeks now and my skin already looks brighter, it's softer, as well as smoother. I haven't had any breakouts, and that is how I know it is not the same as just regular old virgin coconut oil because I have had adverse reactions to VCO in the past. The 2.5 oz jar is going to last me a really long time because a little goes a long way, however I would definitely recommend keeping it in the refrigerator, especially during the warmer months.

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Amy Maria Y.
Basically the most natural way to remove makeup!

I'm not all that organic or natural ingredient loving kind of person but after I removed and redid my eye make-up 6 times one night (I was trying to figure out a very specific look...) my eye was completely raw from my old make-up remover (hello unknown drugstore brand) I had to grab this. It was exactly what my eyes needed. After removing my daily eye make-up I dabbed a bit on to soothe my sensitive skin and overnight it healed up and rehydrated my delicate skin. It smells amazing and it really pleasant to use. For eye contact wearers, I'd suggest taking out our contacts first before you use this. I didn't because I've somehow mastered how to remove make-up without ever getting anything blurring up my vision but I know the feeling! It's also perfect for removing lipstick without weird tastes like many other make-up removers which is why I've been known to just always have lipstick on up until the point I'm forced to take it off before bed since I've HATED the way other make-up removers made my lips feel afterwards. Love this!

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