Real Techniques by Samantha Chapman

Powder Brush

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Shannan A.

I bought the powder brush and the core four and I use them all every day. It's the perfect brush for powder. It is pricy for a single brush but it's definitely worth the price

Kat S.

I love all of the realTECHniques brushes, but this one is by far the best. I love the smooth finish it gives, and it's super soft, had it for two years and no bristle fallout whatsoever! Overall a five star brush.

Julianne J.
Giving my tried and true a little break!

I got this brush a few months ago when a local Rite Aid was done with its new renovation and had new brands like Jesse's Girl and RT. I was already a huge fan of RT and most of my face brushes are RT. They're cheap, good quality, and last a good while. My go-to face powder brush was the EcoTools bamboo bronzer brush, and its still fantastic, but I decided to complete my RT collection and give this one a go. I don't notice much of a difference and I feel like my other brush buffs the powder into the skin better. The bundle of hair on this brush feels looser, but it still feels nice on the face. Its good for mopping away fall out and its probably better for powder application because you won't over powder your face, which can be easy to do. Do I like it better than the other brush? Not really..but its still nice to have!

Charlotte F.

This brush is seriously amazing. I was stunned at how soft the brush is - a lot better than any other powder brush I have owned. I would definitely recommend this!!

Emily M.
Great brush!

This brush is amazing and does exactly what I want it to do. I use this with BareMinerals Original after applying liquid foundation for full coverage. It does a great job. Its such a soft brush and really good quality, I don't find that the hairs fall out at all, which is what worries me most when buying a new brush. Would recommend to anyone, absolutely fab!

Myrna P.
The Best

THIS IS THE BEST POWDER BRUSH EVER! I use this for setting my makeup and it sets it perfectly! I am in love with how soft this brush is! Feels luxurious!!! Definitely something to have in your collection!

Micaela C.

This brush is fantastic quality for only being, what, nine dollars? And it's kind of a monster. But a very high-quality monster. I don't like to use a brush to apply my powder, I don't like the way it looks (I don't like to use powder, period. Too much junk on my face and it breaks me out more often than not) so I don't find myself reaching for this puppy often. That saddens me because I love the feel of it so dang much. I want to try it out with a blush or bronzer though, just to see if I can get that well-blended effect without much work with it

Margaret anne  H.
Does the job

Great brush for powder, it covers your full face almost with no real effort. It is huge and extremely soft. One dunk in to your powder of choice and your good to go.

Myrna P.

I love Sam! I watch her YouTube Videos and have learned a great deal from her. I use this brush to apply my Mineralized Skinfinish Natural Powder. I like the look and feel of the brush. This brush is amazing!

Chelsea E.
Luxurious-feeling fluffy powder brush

The Powder Brush is HUGE and extra fluffy. It works great to dust a light amount of finishing or setting powder all over the face. Its so big though, that I can't use it to dust away any fall-out that may have occurred while doing my eye makeup. It just won't fit under there!

All Real Techniques brushes are very easy to clean and dry quickly. None of the Real Techniques brushes I have have ever shed on me, nor are any of them stained from continued use of colored products.

I have 2 downsides to Real Techniques brushes:

1) If you use alcohol or an alcohol-based cleaner to spot-clean clean your synthetic brushes, be sure to keep it away from the rubbery/soft coating on the black handle- it will melt the coating off. It doesn't ruin the brush, but you will be left with a black, shiny plastic handle with sharpish edges (this happened to my Expert Face Brush).

2) The aluminum ferrule will dent relatively easily compared to steel ferrules of other brushes. Do NOT knock the brush on the side of your sink to shake the excess water out after you've washed any of your Real Techniques brushes- it will dent the crap out of it. Don't ask me how I know. ~sigh~

Overall Real Techniques brushes are high quality, ultra-soft brushes at a great price point. I would recommend them to anyone.