Beauty Product Reviews

Love it

This has now become my everyday mascara. It can be used lightly and still make your lashes full and columnists. The packaging is also really pretty, even though the name is a little off putting. Overall, worth the money


This is an amazing palette, I wasn't really expecting a lot from it as it is really well priced, but literally all of the shades have good pigmentation. I think that you can create many different looks from this. Definitely recommend this palette, and I will be buying more of these in different shades!

I really like this perfume because it is a perfect scent for me as it is nice and refreshing and doesn't smell fake. It also has a long lasting smell so I don't need to top it up every hour of the day! Really good product!

This is a really good foundation as it gives a good coverage, but what I find the most annoying is that it doesn't come with a pump, but apart from that it's one of my most used foundations

These brushes are amazing, and such good quality! I use these brushes like everyday! Definitely recommend them, and for if you are looking brushes which a good quality and a trainable price!

This is an amazing lip scrub and I think that it does make my lips really soft when I use it! I have given it 4 stars because I think that it is slightly overpriced when you can make a similar one yourself for a cheaper price, but overall it is a really good product

Really good

This is such a nice blush and has really good pigmentation! I think that it's nice for a night out. The colour is really nice as well. It is also really nice on the skin, would definitely recommend this!


This is an essential, I always have this with me all the time because it moisturises my lips so well and gives them a nice shine! Definitely recommend this lip balm

I really like these lip balms, down of the flavours aren't as nice as the rest. My favourite would probably be the pink one (strawberry sorbet) I definitely recommend these