Beauty Product Reviews

Best Concealer Ever!!

I will never use another concealer again. This gives amazing coverage without any cakeyness. I have visible veins in my eyelids and it covers flawlessly. Highly recommend!

One step up from tinted moisturizer

I picked this up because I've always used tinted moisturizers instead of foundation but I really wanted better coverage and this is wonderful! Not cakey at all and feels very light weight.

Favorite Lip Product EVER!

I absolutely love these! I have almost every shade and they are so perfect! Doesn't settle, goes on smooth, and lasts for eternities! Finally a stain that feels like chapstick! ?

Used this a loooong time ago.

I loved it as a teenager and it feels really nice when you apply it. Not great coverage but for some one who just wants to even things out I think it works well

Really great!

Helps keep foundation from settling. You couldn't see any pores or fine lines. :) Great for all day wear so you don't have to keep running to a mirror for touch ups

Goopy Mess!!

It creased and was sticky and gross! It's smeary and awful. I do NOT recommend. Maybe I should have set it with a powder or something but I'll never use again.

disappointed :(

It settled around the edges of my lips like lip liner and showed the lines in my lips. I really had better expectations after seeing Jessica Biel's commercial. Oh well.

Helps when you're in harsh light

I work pharmacy so I'm under bright florescent lighting all day and I find it really flattering! Only problem is the lightest shade is a tad too dark for me do I have to really blend it all the way down my neck.


I love this because my skin is so sensitive that most removers rub my skin raw but this is so perfect! I hate smudgy oil in my eyes and the wipes rip my eyelids all apart :( I recommend this to anyone with delicate skin!

Love how easily I can find it in my purse! I hate digging for chapstick and coming out with pens and markers! The round shape makes is soooo much easier. Plus it works really well.