Beauty Product Reviews

can't live without it

I have at least 4 tubes of this. some in the car a few in different purses. I put it on about half an hour before putting on lipstick and it helps moisturize my lips without making the lipstick feather

love this!

I get sad when I run out because I absolutely love this spray. it keeps my hair soft while protecting it from heat damage. I dye my hair a lot so curling and straightening is a hassle because it damages my hair but not since I started using this. I definitely recommend it if you haven't tried it yet

this product was terrible. the color looks weird and after an hour my face looked like I didn't wash it in days. I was disappointed and returned it the next day

it has a very light coverage and it evens out skin tone. it has a light smell to it and easy to apply. I purchased it to try but I loved it from the first application. the tube is pretty big so it lasts a long time

this is my go to primer. I tried different kinds until I came across this one and it is definitely worth the money. it even helps keep cheaper eye shadows in place.

I heard good things about this mascara so I decided to try it. I'm very picky and this one is actually one of the few that I repurchase. I went through a couple of tubes already and always stock up. I definitely recommend it. works even better with Dior lash serum.