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BB Cream 9 in 1 Skin Perfecting Super Makeup

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Bonnie W.
for people who have no skin problems

this bb cream made my skin feel so amazing and it smelled great too, it provided light coverage as well. but it clung to my dry patches and if thats not bad enough it highlighted them and made them look worse!! its so thick that it feels heavier then my foundations yet it provided almost no coverage :/ if you're having a good skin and your skin is relatively clear and even then give this a shot :)

Sophie R.

Honestly, terrible! My face looks super oily and cakey after just two hours Dont use it =.= cuz i dont think it'll work for oily skin. And for Rimmel, i just recommed you their lipgloss

Galina I.

this product was terrible. the color looks weird and after an hour my face looked like I didn't wash it in days. I was disappointed and returned it the next day

Phoebe H.

I bought this at walgreens one day which was my first time to try bb cream out. From my experience with other brands this cream is like a clay mask texture to me! Real thick almost like painting lol . It's ok for first time users I guess just to see if it's something you'll like then move up and it smells nice :)

Kalani F.

Worst product! It's so thick and geeks like cool whip on my face not good creamy cool whip fluffy disgusting cool whip that gives off a wierd orange finish on my face never recommending or buying this product again

Hannah T.
Awesome Drugstore BB!!!

For a drugstore BB cream, coming in at only $7, this cream is a miracle worker! I was interested in some more expensive BB creams, but I figured I could try a cheaper one first. AND I AM IN LOVE!!! This cream feels really light on my skin. The consistency is somewhere between a gel and a whipped foundation. It covers most skin imperfections, and when paired with just a small bit of concealer it covers almost like foundation. The only downsides I've found is that my skin is slightly oily, and this product does not produce a matte finish, so I have to layer powder over a few areas like my T-zone to keep my face from looking greasy. But that's really not a big deal.

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