Beauty Product Reviews

there are better mascaras

I've been using this mascara for a long time, and although it makes a large impact, i find it clumps very easily. if i don't comb my lashes out, they're in 3 huge clumps. that said, i do think it makes my lashes look long and when combed, they look great. i use this mascara everyday, but i think i might try a different mascara when its gone.


I absolutely love this mascara! It's great for blonde girls who don't wear tons of eye makeup. It also works as a brow gel, which is great. I recommend this to anyone. The only catch was I found it didn't hold all day long. Otherwise, it's a great product!

This powder is awesome! I adore it! The only problem is that it is kind of caky at times, but otherwise it's very smooth. It smells good too! It's definitely one of my favorites!

Love this blush so much! It's such a nice color and it doesn't clog up my pores. It's easy on and off and it's truly the best blush I've ever tried.

So this is a good product, but it really doesn't moisturize. It gives your lips a really pretty color, but it dries up your lips. It doesn't dry them as much as other lipsticks, but it still dries them up.

So I really liked this concealer! It was only $1 and it concealed just enough! I wouldn't recommend this if you need a really good concealer, but for people who don't have bad acne and dark circles, then this will work just fine!

When I told my friends I got this elf concealer for 1.00 they all laughed and said that cheap concealer doesn't work and that it gives you pimples under your eyes. Well they were wrong. This concealer works so well and I love the price🙀like I have no money and I still summoned up enough money to buy two of them. I love this concealer!

Eos is a pretty good product, but I feel like eos could be better. TBH it doesn't moisturize that well. I like the cute container and the scents. It does moisturize, but I've seen better products, like Carmex and ChapStix . All in all, eos is not that bad.