Tone Correcting Concealer

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Khoi N.
Wasted My Dollar!

So I bought it last week to cover up a dark spot! It did absolutely nothing, if not, it made my dark spot even more obvious!!! On the bright side, it has a really pleasant scent to it. It's a doufa wand. It would probably do no good for under eye circles since it's not pigmented enough but for those who are looking for an eye brightener, this might work...

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Bella G.

When I told my friends I got this elf concealer for 1.00 they all laughed and said that cheap concealer doesn't work and that it gives you pimples under your eyes. Well they were wrong. This concealer works so well and I love the price🙀like I have no money and I still summoned up enough money to buy two of them. I love this concealer!

Bella G.

So I really liked this concealer! It was only $1 and it concealed just enough! I wouldn't recommend this if you need a really good concealer, but for people who don't have bad acne and dark circles, then this will work just fine!

valeria R.

People its 1$ what did you expect! My personal experience was that it illuminated my undereye area, it adds some tint to the places i want to cover which gives me some mild coverage. I'd say its a good product for a dollar (:

Lola A.

It's very average. I mean its only a dollar so what can you expect. It doesn't have the best coverage. One thing that is amazing is the smell, it smells delicious!! If you are younger this is a good concealer but if are older you can try it but I suggest a different one.

Jessica and Lauren H.
Very Light

the formula is very watered down & light thus, it does not give any coverage. its compact & it looks like a lip gloss which is good for taking around but i dont think the actual product is worth it. it smells good tho. not many concealers smell nice, haha.

Dali R.

When i saw this product I was very excited it was cheap and small, fits anywhere but I was very disappointed when i used it doesn't really do much & its very watery.