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Love this foundation! I have very oily skin and with this foundation my skin doesn't get super oily and the coverage is amazing! I haven't had and break outs with this product! Just amazing!

I love this! I have very oily sensitive skin and this gets all of the dirt off of my face without causing dryness or irritation! A few days before I bought my first bottle I had gone to the doctor to see what he could do about my acne. He told me to use this and within a few weeks my skin was starting to clear up and my skin wasn't as oily throughout the day! I love this product!

This is a medium to high coverage foundation! I love the coverage and I found I didn't get as much pimples with it! However throughout the day I found that the coverage would go to light to medium and it would get blotchy , it didn't look good.

I love this product! The colors are so creamy and beautiful! The color payoff is amazing! The price is totally worth it if you would use the colors! It's just an amazing product! Well done!

Love mac lipstick! Always so creamy and never drys my lips out! I love the matte lipsticks! The colors are so pigmented and they apply so smoothly! This is really a great product!

It's okay. For me it doesn't really show up that good on my brows, I think I need a different color. I love the packaging and the price is good for what you get!

I LOVE IT! This is one of my favorite mascaras! I use it almost everyday ! It stays on and makes your lashes look great! I currently have the voluminous original and waterproof, they are both amazing!

OH MY GOD I LOVE THIS! It makes my lips so smooth! I love to put it on my lips when they are dry because it makes them feel soooo good! <3 I use this almost everyday and I'm in love with it!


I did not like this at all. It has okay coverage but I have combination skin and this made me SOOOO oily. It felt like my face was covered in grease. And because of all the oil and foundation that was on my skin I had a very big break out. It was horrible. I would not buy this if you have combination or oily skin, it's just a disaster.

I don't really like this product. It's very creamy but through out my day I found that it was getting on my crease from my eyes being open. I would never use it again because I looked like a hot mess with it on! Probably one of the worst gel eyeliners I have ever bought!

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