Matchmaster Foundation SPF 15


Sisi S.
Love it - but it is too light for me

I've always wanted to try this foundation. I will start by saying the positive things of this foundation. It has SPF 15 which is quit standard. It blends naturally with your skin. It says that this foundation is different from other foundation because the particles try to blend with your natural particles. Well, the foundation does look good on the skin I must admit. But i don't know about this match particles theory. This foundation costs more than the other regale Mac foundation because of this match particles. The Mac last chose me a wrong foundation which is not a big ideal because I mix it with the darker foundation I have. Overall, the foundation is really beautiful Matt and stays for about 9 hours with primer and powder. The foundation is recommended for oily gals xx :)

Hailey H.

Love this foundation! I have very oily skin and with this foundation my skin doesn't get super oily and the coverage is amazing! I haven't had and break outs with this product! Just amazing!

Emanuela A.

I'm loving this! I love the shade, it's light enough, I love the texture and the finish, the staying power. It has buildable coverage without looking cakey, which is great (and I have dry skin at the moment). It's not completely matte, so it doesn't look fake, it looks like skin. I haven't had breakouts from it, I haven't had it oxidise (which was a huge issue for me, as it only matches my skin tone as it is in the bottle). I have worn it on New Year's Eve and it was still intact when I got home (I did set it with Fix+, but that's it). So yeah, I'm extremely pleased with it and I will be repurchasing this foundation.

Tashina M.
really loving this

I have adopted this into my regular rotation. It is so pretty. It's light/medium coverage and that is perfect for me. It blends easily and is creamy feeling but it doesn't make my oily skin more oily. It has a nice glow finish but not overly luminous or greasy looking. When I set it with an HD powder it is really amazing. They work well together. This lasts me about 8 hours with a little fading and shine around my nose and chin where I am oiliest. When it starts to fade it still looks better than A LOT of other foundations I have worn. I really start to wonder why I have been so reluctant to try more high end foundations. This looks very natural and fresh but evens and perfects. I was especially happy that the color is light enough for me without being stark and dead looking. My shade has a yellow base but isn't sallow and livens up my ghostly self. It is slightly darker than my neck but it blends down onto my neck easily so it's not obvious. Definitely will repurchase this.

Hannah D.

I have spent the past 3 years searching for the perfect foundation and have literally tried so many products that some way or another just wasn't right for my skin, I decided to try MAC and was given this one to try and I LOVE IT! It gives great coverage, really blends well with your natural tones too, it appears matte but still has shine to it and and smells really nice. It's expensive compared to other foundations but your paying for a good quality product, I only need 1 application on my skin in a day it's lasts well and the bottle itself lasts months! Defiantly a must have I would say :)

Logan C.

Although, not a fitting color without a bit of toning bb cream before hand, the MatchMaster foundation does supply and sufficient, medium coverage, perfect for those who want to avoid looking cakey, but don't always have perfect skin.

Amanda R.
My skin has never looked better!

After going through a ton of foundations lately, I walked into MAC and asked for a recommendation. I asked for something long-wearing, medium-full coverage, with a natural finish. She immediately sat me down, picked up shade 1, and applied. I have a very hard time finding foundation that is light enough for my skin, but this is it. When applied correctly, you can't tell I'm wearing make-up.

The formula is a little bit on the dry side, but I'm okay as long as I moisturize and prime first. It allows my freckles to show through ever so slightly, which I think looks natural. It definitely lasts all day--I usually apply at 8am and take it off at 10pm. It's very lightweight and just looks incredible.

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Donna T.
ALMOST HG foundation!

Before this product came out, MAC didn't have a foundation light enough for my skin tone. I could use the tinted moisturizer in the lightest shade and it was fine, but even the lightest foundation still looked just a little bit too dark on my skin. When this came out, I was in heaven! I absolutely love that you can build this up from medium to full coverage if you want. It lasts a long time, doesn't look oily on my face, and is a perfect match for my skin. I love it! I would say it's my HG foundation but it's a little bit thick, and if you're going for full coverage it can tend to feel heavy on your face. I don't mind this, but others might.

Sarah M.
My new go-to!

I've actually been meaning to review this for a while! About 2 months ago, I was getting really fed up with my skin. I've been having horrible break outs seemingly out of nowhere, I have combo/oily skin, but I've always taken pretty good care of it. My foundations (drugstore brands) weren't cutting it as far as coverage went. I went to MAC one day on my lunch break and explained the skin problems I was having, that I wanted a nearly full coverage matte foundation, and the artist suggested matchmaster. She did a swatch of 1.5 on my skin and gave me a sample to use over a few days to see what I thought. 1.5 ended up being a little too dark, but after a week I decided to go back and get 1.0 and ever since it's been amazing! I usually prime, apply matchmaster, and set with Elf's HD translucent powder, and it stays all day! I even wore it to a theme park a week ago, in 110 degree weather and it held up relatively nicely for about half the day! Amazing amazing foundation.

Santina A.
Gorgeous finish, no staying power!

This foundation is just beautiful! I was looking to replace my MAC Pro Longwear in NC15 because they don't make NW 15 in it (grrr...), so the artist suggested I try Matchmaster. The colour match was just incredible, and it was everything I wanted out of the Pro Longwear, except the longevity. I got approximately 5 - 6 hours of wear (running around at work) from Matchmaster - even using a primer. For me, it didn't make the cut, however this is an awesome foundation with a gorgeous finish for anyone not looking for a super long wearing foundation.