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480 Chic

I love this nail color. Perfect for spring. It´s a blueish-grey. Goes great with my dark and light blue jeans. I loved the fact that it was almost perfect coverage in just one application. However I did two just to ensure that the color wouldnt fade in a day or two or chipped. It catches peoples attention, because I´ve noticed a lot of people stare at my nails when Im wearing this color :D

Rich colors

I really like this lipsticks, although not every color. Some are a little flat or the colors are not strong. In this pic I´m wearing Very Cherry.... it´s fantastic!! It is a red with a little orange in it. This lipstick is very creamy. Doesn´t last all day, but a couple of hours.


Looove this color!! I already posted a review (scroll down) and I gotta tell you I do love this nail enamel. Maybe this one needed 2 coats and was a little streaky but overall the final result is gorgeous. Every time I wear any color from Revlon Top Speed all of my friends tell me what a nice color, or that that color is amazing, what is it?

Love it!

OPI never lets me down. It dries fast and it is not sticky at all. I usually apply two coats for full coverage. I never put a top coat (always a base coat) because I feel like there is no need. The best part is that it doesn´t have a strong odor and the price...well, let´s just say it´s worth every $ The picture I enclose is Midnight in Moscow. Very pretty color. It´s very dark and has a burgundy undertone, almost like ruby flakes. Love it!

I like it but...

i bought the hazy color (grey) and loved the color! I mean it looks great on my skin and the color was very strong. I did two coats but with just one the result was full coverage. The not so good part is the smell, it is too strong for my taste, and it lingered in my fingers for hours. And also it has a sticky consistency and didnt dry as fast as i would have wanted. I wear a base and top coat with it from Sally Hansen, the one that is two in one, so maybe it is that.

It is really really good!!

I love the fact that its 2 products in 1. So I don´t have to buy the top coat or base cote separately. Great coat, consistency smooth and not too thin. And my nail polish has lasted 4 days and hasn´t chipped or anything. I have washed the dishes, my bathroom, clean the kitchen, wash the dishes again, and then again, and my nails are just like day one. I highly recommend it.

Hate it!

I love love Clarins!! But this cleansing milk is the worst. It doesn´t clean my face at all, and after washing it with water I feel a little residue in my face. It doesn´t take away all of my make up and after a week of using it I started to notice that my pores got dirty and my skin looked kinda greyish and with bumps.

I do not recomend this product at all.

Buyer beware!

My skin is sooo smooth after using it!

I use this product before applying my moisturizer. It leaves my skin sooo smooth and even. I highly recommend it. I have rosacea, sensitive skin and it works great for me. It´s great to use before putting foundation on because it makes it look flawless, no flakiness or little and it glides perfectly on my skin. Highly recommend it :D

Amazing on my eyes!!

Ok, I really really love this product. I have been using it for soooo long. The way I use it is I dab a little on my fingers and gently massage my eyes. I don´t like to use tissues or cotton balls or anything because I feel like it can give you wrinkles. So I use the make up remover with just my fingers and I gently massage my eyes, eyelashes and then remove it with water. Afterwards, I use my Redness Solutions Cleanser all over my skin and I'm ready for my moisturizer.

It takes away all my make up, even waterproof mascara.

I highly recommend it.

so natural!!

I love Maybelline´s Blushing Bride. The color is so natural and looks great on my fair skin. Also love the fact that it dries fast, I don´t have time to wait 5 minutes for my nail polish to dry. My hands look elegant and polished thanks to this nail polish!!!

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