Sally Hansen

Double Duty


Jacqueline R.
Love this stuff!

This is a great product.

I love that it's a two in one first of all. Secondly, using this as both a base and top coat my nail polish lasts for 5 solid days before wear really becomes noticeable (and I wash dishes just about every day.)

It does take a while to dry but I wouldn't say it takes longer than any other top coat I've tried; still, definitely worth the wait time.

Anita R.
Great product!

I just got this about two weeks ago and I must say that I love it. It's convenient and it makes your polish last a good while. I like that it's a base and top coat so I didn't have to buy two seperate products.

Chelsea B.

I love this product because if I use it as a top coat, my manicure lasts for a week! I use it as a top and base coat and it puts the perfect finish on my manicure.

Eva C.
Really Good

This is a great top coat and base coat! It is so convenient because then I don't have to buy two separate ones, and it does stop chipping! I always have a bottle of this lying around :)

Amy R.
Good Luck Buy

I love this. I would have never even thought twice about buying it if it didn't come with my HD polish. Works great. Takes a little bit to dry and it can be a bit sticky as a top coat since it is also a base, but it works great. Also, perfect top coat for crackle.

Bella P.
It is really really good!!

I love the fact that its 2 products in 1. So I don´t have to buy the top coat or base cote separately. Great coat, consistency smooth and not too thin. And my nail polish has lasted 4 days and hasn´t chipped or anything. I have washed the dishes, my bathroom, clean the kitchen, wash the dishes again, and then again, and my nails are just like day one. I highly recommend it.

Jessica C.

awesome! great! it works as its supost to its a really good base coat not too thin not too thick doesnt chip too easy its a great buy! recomend :)

Bry R.
It's been awhile but....

I remember using this as a top coat and it was alright. Not the best top coat but it's not bad either. I did however notice more chipping with this one. But like I said, it's not bad.

Marguerite M.

This is the first base/top coat I've had any luck with. I love that it's 2-in-1, and it's the first top coat I haven't experienced cracking with. It doesn't take too long to dry and has nicely extended my mani- my mani done with super cheap nail colors might I add. Will definitely repurchase.

Poppy N.

I like this product, makes it long lasting. However, it takes a long time to dry and i find that sometimes hen i wake up in the morning I have smudged nails.