Beauty Product Reviews

lovely colours

its great it has the best colours that last all day and itsbreally cheap as it is by mua but still cool colours and there natural so this pallete can be used everyday!

it last but is abit oily

it last sooo long and is reallly black it dose what is says it is defo jet black mine ran out and I miss it alot aand it was also cheap but they dont sell it anymore but I would defo recomend it is wonderful


cheap and really pigmented this gives you are areally stand out look and it lastss love this sooo much soo many colors but you would have to add other colors but yoy dont have to

really cool

it blends reallly ncely but ig your the type of person that has big stuff to cover up yhen this wont be for you but overall its great dose what itsays

loveeeeee thissss

soooo perfect I love it. it is cheap and long lasting sticks to youu nicely dose not make your skin too oily and NEVER cakey! love this soo much

great I got it in the shade 201

not to heavy but is a little bit noticeable my skin time is kind of uneven so yeah but is feel great again not to heavy and dose not smell to bad it is not perfumed but it dose not smell bad with also dose not dry your skin but yeah it is really great


feels great. its bit too glossy but also smells great Tingle's your lips but its not too bad also not to expensive its found nearly in every shop

makes it LOOK great

its great for rushy days and it makes the scalp touchable as well but leaves the rest looking oily so it but I guess it better to have a little oily hair but the scalp look greaaaaat