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Professional Eye Palette


Saby T.

Its amazing compared to the price ! I like the shades,and their pigments are good too ! I just didn like the packaging but overall its really good !

Vimisha M.

cheap and really pigmented this gives you are areally stand out look and it lastss love this sooo much soo many colors but you would have to add other colors but yoy dont have to

Jodie-lea R.

This palette is one of the best iv ever tried in the drugstore. It's a dupe for the urban decay naked the shadows are really nice colours and very pigmented they blend out easy and it's a good bargain. Mua is a really good brand in the uk all there products are amazing

Anny Z.

These eye shadows are really great!! They're heavy pigmented and has beautiful colors!!! They have nothing to envy to other palettes of high cost!! I really love them!!! <3

Tengo demasiadas paletas de MUA y las amo todas!!! <3

Eline F.

I love this palette so much, I use it almost everyday. The shades are all shimmery and match perfectly, whatever combination you make. The pigmentation is very good and they blend nicely. The only downside to this palette is that there are no matte shades in it, but personally I dont mind since I own other neutral palettes with matte eyeshadows. And did I mention that it is really cheap? Recommended!

Caity R.

I own 4 of these palettes, Undressed (because it's a great dupe of UD Naked, I didn't wanna drop £40 when I could drop £4 instead), as well as Undress Me Too, Poptastic and a Gold ball one I think. They are great. Very pigmented. Undress Me Too isn't an exact dupe of Naked 2, but it's close enough for the price you can't really argue. The first Undressed though is perfection in a palette. There's slightly less of each shade than the naked palettes but you could buy 2 palettes, have more than naked and still have saved yourself £30 quid than buying a Naked Palette. MUA also does sales everytime their facebook goes up by 5000 likes, usually % off and free delivery which is something Non-UK customers should keep an eye on. I honestly can't wait to get the rest of the palettes.

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Shannon E.
MUA undressed is an exact dupe of urban decay pallet NAKED!

MUA undressed pallet is an exact dupe of urban decay's naked pallet it is amazing! I bought this pallet in superdrug in Wales for exactly £4 which is just amazing value as urban decays pallet is about £40 pound which is quite expensive. My only problem is that i live in IReland and there are no superdrugs here so i looked on ebay and even MUA's own website and you can buy them on there so if you are not living in the uk dont fear!. MUA have recently released a pallet called undress me too which is an exact dupe for urban decays pallet naked 2 i cant speak highly enough about this product as it is just amazing value and the pigment and colours are nearly exact my advice for anyone who finds urban decay to be a little expensive is get MUA's pallet and try it for yourself :) i hope this was helpful for you :)

Alison M.

Like all mua eyeshadows stay on really long super good pigment and really cheap!! The darker colours wear of abit quick but apart from that i love it good cheap alternative to the naked palette from urban decay!!:)

Rebecca  C.

I don't know if anyone has noticed but the colours this palette has are nearly identical to those from the Urban Decay Naked palette. If like me you're working from a student budget, this little gem will only set you back £4... The colours are so pigmented and suit any colour eyes or shade of skin. This is truly an amazing beauty find, I've already bought 5 to give to my friends as gifts :) I would recommend wearing a primer or sealant on the eyeshadow to make it last.

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Livvy P.
my most loved palette...GO BUY THIS!

I cannot put in to words how much i love this palette,Amazing pigmentation,fabulous colours for everyday looks which do not fade after a whole day,value for money...isnt that what every girl wants...ERR YESSS! i have a more detailed review on my blog but seriously for £4.00 this is the best palette i've ever had.