Dry Shampoo


Adrian T.

I'm a hairdresser and this is the best dry shampoo I've come across by far! It takes the oils out with no problem, great for that unwashed third day hair you want to put off for another day! Leaves it smelling good and looking good! Not too greasy! It's a wonderful brand.

Katie H.
Absoulte life saver :D

This is the best stuff ever! It's so quick to put in, and although it does initially make your hair look grey it's very easy to blend into your hair so you won't be able to see it. It's very affordable and also smells really good, gets rid of any excess oil and adds a bit of volume, what more could you ask for?

Emma-Louise W.

I honestly don't know how i survived without this stuff before! It smells nice, doesn't leave any bits in your hair & gives you a nice glossy finish! Cheap way to give your hair abit of a boost in between washes! love it!

Vimisha M.
makes it LOOK great

its great for rushy days and it makes the scalp touchable as well but leaves the rest looking oily so it but I guess it better to have a little oily hair but the scalp look greaaaaat

Sabrina S.
Best Dry Shampoo!

This is the best dry shampoo I have ever used! It works miracles on my hair. Others just sprayed air on my head and did nothing. This product actually sucked up the grease on your hair (we all have those lazy hair days right?). It does leave a white cast on, especially if your hair is dark, but it goes away easily if you massage your scalp and brush it out! The reason why I'm not giving it 5 stars is because one bottle is about $7 and it doesn't last long, only for about 1 month. But I still love it and would TOTALLY recommend it!

Claudia D.
Love it!

My hair gets oily quite fast especially now that it's short, I found I was washing my hair every 2nd day but now thanks to Batiste i only wash it every 4 days. It's awesome for those rushed mornings when you have little or no time to get ready. The smell is great also. Even if your hair is not in need of a wash its great as it adds loads of volume.

Jeannie K.

This is dry shampoo is worth buying. Don't waste your money on the cheaper stuff, even though this may not even be that much more. My hair always gets oily by the morning, I use this and it's amazing. It makes my hair feel not as icky and it lasts throughout the day. I tried cheaper stuff and they just don't cut it. I highly recommend this :)

Ailsa-Catherine G.

It's good if you have to rush around in the morning and don't have time to wash your hair ! It's also a bonus that it smells great! It's not too rough on the hair and it works incredibly well! It does leave a bit of a mess and can make your hair a little bit too dry!

Amber M.

The price point is so good, for such a quality product. Works wonderfully on my hair, and I have thick black hair and I've never had a problem with it making my hair white or dusty, as long as I brush my hair after application. Smells wonderful as well, not only does my boyfriend have his own bottle in Original scent, but so does my best friends boyfriend, so it's really a product that everyone can use.

Steph H.

This product is a cult classic, and cheap! It always gives my hair a nice pick me up when it's oily or dull and never flakes. It also smells really nice.