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its ok

i think this foundation is overpriced, i hate how it has shimmer. but if you wear powder over it , it fixes it a little bit. and it makes all the dry spots on my face stand out. i also don't like the shades , there isn't much to choose from.

love love love.

this is one of the first brushes i have ever bought and i still use it to apply foundation. it gives me that airbrush look and it buffs out makeup really well. i washed it a bunch of times and it hasn't shed one single hair and its soooo sooo soft. it does take a while to dry tho so its good to let it dry overnight.


i bought this to use on my eyebrows. and its okay. i used it a lot at first but its not the best. i don't think its thin enough for me. and its not good for eyeliner . i don't reach for it that often .


I have been using this every single day! it makes my eyebrows look nice and defined but also natural. and the darkest shade matches perfectly.the middle shade is kind of on the red side. i use the highlight shade all over my lid sometimes . its pretty (: i cant live without this now.

great (:

fashion diva is like a sheer purple with blue shimmers in it... it sounds kind of weird but it looks pretty on. i love the smell it reminds me off cupcakes! yummyyy ! (: it isnt sticky , its nice and smooth . lovee it.


This color is kind of on the dark side for my skin tone but i love it cuz its kind of like a blush and a bronzer for me. a little goes a long way. sometimes ill apply it lightly with a fluffy brush and other times ill apply it a little darker cuz i just love it (: its matte and it lasts pretty long on my face.


I have one in "luminoso" its such a pretty color. Kind of peachy. loveee it! it gives a nice glow to your cheeks and for some reason it last longer than my other blushes. Its also really pigmented and it has a little bit of shimmer but you can't really tell. I really wanna try every single color ! The only thing i don't like is the packaging because its bulky and cheap. but the product is amazing (:

I have this lipstick in the shade "delish regal" and i really like it. Its kind of like a peachy nude and the formula is smooth ,it looks really nice (:

umm it sucks!

I hate this product! it didn't do anything for my hair. My hair gets oily so i decided to buy this but when i sprayed it on it made my hair even worse. It looked dirty and nasty. I've tried working with this but it doesn't do anything for me no matter what i do with it but made it did make my hair smell good. That's the only thing it does but it isn't worth it cuz it makes my hair look horrible :(

This is my favorite eyeliner brush. I like it better than an ordinary angled brush because it gives more of a precise line and if i want to do a cat eye it comes out pretty clean.

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