Beauty Product Reviews

So soothing!

I am going through some pesky skin issues at the moment and needed something to help with that and not irritate my skin any further. I have a rash that gets irritated and makes me want to scrape off my skin. This stuff is amazing at calming my skin down. I have not figured out the right application material yet. Sucks balls when used with a washcloth. Right now I'm just scooping and applying with my hands. Since I'm focusing, mainly, on my arms it hasn't posed much of a problem. I get out the shower pat dry and follow with the Dream Lotion. Awesome duo. Nice sooting scent as well...

Great for super dry skin

I love this stuff. I think I'm on my 3rd tube and they last for quite awhile which makes me feel better about the price. I believe it runs around $5 at Walgreens. I use this throughout the day but only because I'm washing my hands constantly; if I wasn't washing my hands constantly this stuff would stay on forever. Really pleased with the moisture it gives. Soaks in quick and non greasy once it settles. Love!


I can't believe I'm the first one to review this gem. Sweet Lawd I love this scent. I think I got this as a sample in my Birchbox and fell in love immediately. Hubby bought it for me and the love affair began. I get a tonnnnnn of compliments when I wear this and it's well deserved because it is sexy and semi sweetish (but not old lady sweet, I don't even like sweet scents) just a lovely scent. Check it out.


I can't even handle all the compliments I get when I wear this fragrance. I hate having to say the name, Ha!, but what can u do. Viva la Juicy dammit. Good stuff...seriously.

So impressed...

I am truly hard on my hands. I wear latex gloves on/off all day and I wash my hands numerous times throughout the day...not to mention washing dishes by hand! I bought this polish in Crushed and Breezy Blue and they stay on sooooo long. I love that. Huge pet peeve is paying $863 for a bottle of polish and it's chipping the same day, I couldn't care less about the brand, I just need you to stay on...and this does. Great price, great product.

Back in rotation

I ran out of my Loreal (???) Voluminous mascara and saw that I had a full unused tube of full n soft in my drawer. Was skeptical bcuz I live in hot ass Houston and was afraid I would like a raccoon by the end of the day. Not at all! The name fits this product perfectly, so pleasantly surprised that it held up the way it did. Will repurchase.

Good price good product

Holds up in Houston heat...need I say more? I use this everyday for work and I'm pretty much sweating like a pig during the summer months, this stuff looks pretty good at the end of the day. No complaints...especially re the price.

Pure craporama

I picked up a couple of these at Ulta for 2 reasons...1) buy one get one 1/2 and 2) Olivia Wilde was sporting the color Backstage in a picture and it was amazingly gorgeous and vampy and divine. So I got that one and Coutoure. Got home and swiped it on my lips and was shocked by the lack of color payoff. So I thought, maybe I need to wait a minute and apply another! This is a glorified tinited lip balm and that's it. For 9.99, I was expecting waaaaaay more than that. Skip this. I'm returning mine. Boo, Revlon.

now that's blue!

I love this eyeliner. I have it in extreme blue and purple. So easy to use and lasts for hours. For the price you just can't beat. Super bright and fun to wear.

Cheap and long lasting

This is some good stuff. Lasts forever and when the "shiny" starts to wear off the color stays and acts like a stain. Really can't beat this for the price.

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