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Instead of a regular nude, this one is more brownish but it's still a nice color, doesn't dry out my lips. My only problem is the smell, I hate how it smells!


People have been raving about this for forever and I finally picked it up the other day. It doesn't go one or stay on my face well, but I like that it's matte and of course it's cheap. What I hate most is the packaging because it looks really cheap and the one I have, even when you close it, the sides are still kind of open and that's really unsanitary, plus the bronzer is pretty powdery so it can fall out the sides and make a mess in your makeup bag.

It's cheap and the colors are nice but I'm not a fan of the shimmer. The blush is a really cute color but I can't get the bronzer to show well even though it's a lot darker than my skin. It's powdery and can get very messy. It's good for it's price and I like the packaging.


Definitely a miss. I find this product useless, the whole thing is basically just glitter. I guess you can use it as an eyeshadow pigment but I don't know what else you would use it for...

Why is this even still being sold?

It feels heavy and icky, looks cakey. The one I got also has this pink tint to it, which made it look really fake. Might just use it for contouring.

It did make my lashes a lot longer and I loved the look but it wasn't long before the white coat started showing. I would put on layers of black and no matter what, the white would show or it would come off as gray.

Fashion's Night Pout

I believe this one is limited edition? A lot of people say it's a dupe for Nude Attitude from the matte collection and I have that too but I like this one much better. It's very moisturizing and gives a beautiful color, whereas Nude Attitude looks kind of white on your lips. I wish I got a backup, does anyone know if they still have it?

Vintage Pink

I bought Vintage Pink and Spotlight Beige (which I'm not too crazy about). They are so moisturizing, like it literally lasts forever compared to other lipsticks that just makes my lips dry and chapped. I really love Vintage Pink, it'd be one of the first bold colors I've ever bought, beautiful color and it doesn't bleed or feather out. It looks great with lipgloss over it or just by itself. I'm definitely buying more colors.

It covers my dark circles, it doesn't slide off my face, it doesn't smell bad, BUT it does look kind of cakey on my skin and I only put like a dot.

I love love love how it smells but it makes my skin really tight and dry and since I have oily skin it should be a good thing but it's only for the moment. I only use it because I like the minty smell.

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