Colour Riche Lipcolour

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Jennifer C.
Best Nude Lipstick

...so far! My lips have a pink but more red pigment to them which is why my everyday signature lip is a hot pink or anything bright. I heard of this lipstick of course from YouTube and everyone was raving so I had to try it out for myself. I love the texture, it's very creamy and the pigmentation is really good so it covers the pigment in my lips. However I usually top it off with a little bit darker nude lipgloss just to add color to my lips so they don't look like death. But I would definitely try this out! So far I have only tried Fairest Nude, but I want to try other colors as well.

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Meidy M.
gorgeous nude lipstick

I have been using this lipstick for YEARS! this was actually my first nude lipstick. ive gone out and bought other nude lipsticks but i always find myself going back to this one. i have this shade in fairest nude. It is very creamy and has good pigmentation. i highly recommend this product for anyone whos looking for a good nude lipstick.

Britney W.
prettiest nude i own

i have a backup tube of this lipstick, because i looove this color! its glides on really smoothly and lasts long, the smell is kind of weird tho. reminds me of baby powder. if your a darker complexion i wouldnt use this lipstick with a heavy hand because it is kind of light,, but with a darker nude lipgloss its PERFECT!

Viridiana V.

Love this lip stick. It moisturizes my lips & the color is so pretty! I'm really in to nude & pinks & this is definitely my favorite nude lip stick. Low price is a big PLUs!

Maritza V.

my#1 lipstick everyday use. I can use this color with pretty much every look. I love how moisturizer it can be for a lipstick and the colors are just beautiful.

Carson S.
everyday lipstick!

This is my go to lipstick for everyday way! Not only is it such a simple yet beautiful color, it does not dry my lips out. Being such a moustrizing lipstick, I did not expect for it to last very long without reapplication. I was wrong! The color stays true on my lips forna while without having to touch up.

Brenda B.

Instead of a regular nude, this one is more brownish but it's still a nice color, doesn't dry out my lips. My only problem is the smell, I hate how it smells!

Crisania K.

I like the color, a lovely shiny nude. Last long. Feels very silky and doesn't dry my lips at all. I'm not a fan of the smell though :(