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Beauty Product Reviews

Omg I love this powder! My skin is extremely oily, I can tell that's the best powder I have ever tried. I'm so happy with it, it keeps my face all day matte.

Adore it

I can tell that it's the best primer on the market! It works perfectly with my extremely oily skin. It keeps my skin all day matte, everything glides on easily, and the pigments are so powerful if you apply this primer under your foundation. It changed my life. I would recommend it to girls with oily skin.

Love it

It sheds a bit, but I still like it. I use it for my highlighter or to apply powder under my eyes. It's so handy, also you can use it for applying concealer or even foundation...

Love it

It smells amazing, it looks natural on the skin, small packaging. If you like that blush look when you can tell exactly that someone's wearing a blush, these products are definitely not for you. They are so light, natural as I said. Good for beginners and to school. Can't apply too much of it.

One of the best foundations I have ever tried. It looks beautiful on photos, it's really HD.... Amazing, well done, fantastic product. I would definitely buy it again. Works well on oily skin.


The best affordable brushes in the market. They're so smooth, so tender, they work great! Worth it. I bought the whole collection of their brushes. I use them everyday, I wash them a lot and they still perfect.

My bestie

I have to powder my oily skin but also I would love to have a dewy complexion, it seemed like it's impossible for me but with this powder I'm not oily and my skin is glowing. Absolutely brilliant product, it's fantastic under the eyes too. Love love love

One of my favorites

I love it! My skin gets soooo oily, but with this powder I don't have to worry, it keeps my face matte and it works great under the eyes as well, no smudging... No disappointment at all

Not impressed with it

I have oily skin and I have to say that it didn't work for me! It looks awful on my skin. I was a bit sad when I first tried it...


I absolutely love this brush, I apply my foundation with it (Mac Studio Fix Fluid C4.5), it sheds a little bit and it's expensive but so worth it! Love it!