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One of The Only Glosses I Use!!!

I don't normally like gloss as it's really sticky and makes a mess. However, this was sticky but not too sticky. The color was gorgeous and it works for an everyday gloss either by itself or on top of a lipstick. I also used this as my lip color in the musical Legally Blonde and it worked for the stage absolutely wonderfully! It picked up on stage photographs, was easily build-able for a more intense look and didn't need to be applied more than twice over the 2 1/2 hours I was dancing, singing, acting, and sweating on stage. Not to mention my friends got a kick out of the name!

Not a stain!!!

Although the color is very nice; this is not a stain! It smells like magic marker and does not stick to lips at all! There is absolutely no staying power at all! I really hoped I would live this product but I just can't. I do like to later it on top if my shimmer lipsticks on the days I want more of a matte finish but it's not even great for that in all honesty.

In love!

I have EVERY color so I just picked one for this review! These were he very first lip products I ever used and I've loved them ever since. The color doesn't last super long but they are very pigmented, don't dry out the lips, and the shimmer effect that some of them have is beautiful. These are great for beginners to practice with especially because of the products. They are also great for those wanting to try out new colors but don't want to spend a lot in case it's not for them!

Sticky all day!!

I have two and they're ok. I'm not a huge fan of gloss and the aware no exception to that. The shimmer is nice, the colors are gorgeous, and the smell is divine! However, they are not pigmented at all giving more of a sheen then any real color and they stay sticky all day!!! I hate that feeling of everything sticking to my lips or them sticking together as I talk. I'm very much in a love hate relationship with these glosses. I want to adore them but I haut can't

Good for highlight

This product does not have great coverage for dark circles but it DOES act as a great highlight! I buy the lightest shade and it just about matches my skin tone (it's a tad lighter very surprising!). It gives a nice effect!

Another great product for stage work

I do a lot if stage work and this foundation is by far my favorite! The coverage is heavy and cakey. It's also super orange! These are all great qualities for stage work (some like cakey other don't just depends). It's also easy to layer other products on top of. It's easy to touch up and sweat marks are no apparent! However I dislike the packaging very much. You can't get anything out if the bottle!!! I left it upside down for a day and a half in the dressing room and still nothing! I ended up wedging a makeup sponge up the bottle to get any product! Deff not a foundation for daily use but on the stage it is perfect! :)

Nope! I'll stick with my trusty elf!!!

In lieu if the elf liner no being restocked for a week at my local target; I picked up this product because it was in the same price point. I was extremely dissatisfied. The formula was really runny and it got all over. It did come out very pigmented but it in no way lasted as long as I needed it too; fading in only about an hour. I'll be sticking with my trusty elf liner and next time that runs out just buying a slightly more expensive product. I love NYC but this product was just a complete miss for me!

Love for stage makeup

I've used this in several stage productions where glitter was needed! I think that it just gives a very nice dusting without overdoing it! I don't like it for everyday use and the packaging is kind of confusing and it's hard to actually get product into the applicator brush. But for stage work it's lovely.

One of my favorites

This is one of my three favorite shades from mac! It's looks gorgeous in the pan and translates beautifully to the eyes! It also isn't too dark so it works with my baby blue eyes and super pale skin. It is a lovely light brown/gold color. I love it as a lid color or as a transition in my crease. Sometimes I'll use it with darker looks on the inner corner. You can create many looks with this particular shadow and you can blend it out until it's almost sheer or pack it on for intense color! This is definitely my second favorite next to Trax!


My cousin works at a Mac store and one day an assistant dropped several boxes of eyeshadow damaging them. The employees were given some of the more damaged ones for free so although the packaging is a little broken up I now have three gorgeous shades of Mac eyeshadows in my collection! This would have never been something if have bought for myself and are by far the most expensive part of my makeup collection! The product itself applies beautifully! The colors are super pigmented and blend super easily. You can create a multitude of looks with one or two colors by upping the intensity. I've had a little bit off fallout with my darker shade but not with the lighter ones. These shadows don't wear of easily and I've only had them crease of me once or twice! I don't even need an eyeshadow primer! I've been spoiled by these shadows and I LOVE them sooooo much! Anyone who has the money and wants some great eyeshadows needs to buy up some of these from Mac!

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