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Oct 04, 2014

W J.

Following! 😙😀😊😜😁😘😋😏

Mar 04, 2013

Marilyn O.

I do understand. I've. Been. There. For 7+ years I never sought help. When I finally did, sure I had anxiety and doubt, but it became a relief. I'm a better person because of the help I received.

Mar 03, 2013

Loren B.

When I left home I was so numb- I got a few extra ear piercings (this was the conservative '80's) because I wanted to feel anything, even if it was pain. A puncture wound can lead to deeper infections so do be careful. It's really important to find a confidante. Most larger cities have support groups, but there are groups online too. Hazelden was really helpful to me and they have online meetings and anonymous posts. I keep their app on my phone even now.

Mar 03, 2013

Jamie F.

Is your profile picture of you? If so, you have absolutely gorgeous hair:) I'm so jealous!

Mar 03, 2013

Livi M.

So salt water once a day?? Ok. And I will wear breathable fabric, and no more shit. But I will say this now I WOULD RATHER KILL MYSLEF SLOWLY THEN TO TELL MY PARENTS AND GO TO A FUCKING DOCTOR. Sorry, but it's true. Fuck. Thanks for all the advice. Sorry I'm so screwed up.

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Livi M.

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