Peppermint Perfection


I recently read an article somewhere that accused women who drink Pumpkin Spice latte’s as being “basic.” If that’s true, then I’m proudly their queen. When it comes to the holidays, I’m unrepentantly cheesy. I’ll be the first to admit it. I can’t even focus on one holiday at a time—from October to December, my house is fully decorated in a mish-mash style celebrating all of them. Right now, a sequined turkey is perched on my dining room table, a dyed-pink jack-o-lantern is overstaying its welcome on my balcony, and a gingerbread candle is burning in the kitchen (I can’t even blame this on having a six-year-old daughter; I was this annoying when I was a junior at W.T. Woodson High).  

So yes, I’m enthusiastically open to any merch associated with cozy-toasty fall and winter associations. And one of my favorite ways to usher in the holiday season is with peppermint everything. Peppermint bark, peppermint gelato, peppermint tea—it’s so festive! The tingle is always so soothing, so comforting. It smells invigorating, and it opens up your sinuses if you have a wintry cold. The best part? The essential oil is a fabulous beauty ingredient cure-all too, because it soothes and heals stressed skin. What’s not to love? Check out the top three peppermint-infused body products I’m obsessed with right now.

For the lips

Obsessive Compulsive Lip Tar Primer ($18) is spiked with a mix of oils, but most importantly peppermint—which makes the serum super-moisturizing and gives it a zingy finish (so soothing on chapped lips). Unsticky and totally vegan, this lip-smoothing primer is perfect to wear under a bold lip color or by itself as a balm.

For the feet

Fine, I don’t have great feet. I have calluses and dryness, and it is what it is. But with a winning blend of aloe and peppermint, Bliss Foot Patrol ($18) leaves my flaky feet silky-smooth after just one application (after work, I kick off my heels, watch The Mindy Project, and give myself Foot Patrol massages). Plus, skin-sloughing salicylic acid helps soften my rough calluses.

For the face

For someone with a consistently oily T-zone and a minty fetish, Boscia Pink Peppermint Blotting Linens is skincare nirvana. These oil-absorbing papers not only mattify in seconds, but they leave my skin feeling tingly-fresh and squeaky-clean—perfect for midday pick-me-ups.

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