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Wenny  C.
Should have bought 03

02 is too light for my taste. I like strong brows. The brush included is very good, it is easy to make sharp edges.

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Pamela P.
love it

Becoming quite the Ana Sui fan another great product cute packasging as well cant go wrong with beautylish they have best products with easy payments if you prefer!

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Shuai Z.
Good product, but not that necessary

I tried this one from my friend actually.... Good product with a reasonable price. But I think eyeshadow can mimic its job over the brow.

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Sarah K.
The perfect brow product for cool brunettes.

Completely, incredibly, customizable for any cooler toned brunette. If you're a person who changes their hair color often, you NEED this. You can sheer it down to a lighter color using the customizable shades in the top part, and you cool it out with the green. (Don't worry it doesn't really look green!) If you're looking for something like the Suqqu green moss? This is it.

The amount of product in this is satisfying and for the amount of money? Great. Light brown to black hair - this is the one! If you're going closer to blonde, stay away - but if you're in the brunettes you should RUN for this. Love, love, love.

Pigmentation is top notch, and it lasted easily into the night - no spotty/patchy wearing at all!

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Antonnette B.
Favorite powder brow product

I love this for getting a bit more auburn brown. Use a slanted brow brush snd mix the yellow shade with the brown to get a bit of auburn color. pe fect for filling in brows quickly. This is not a waterproof product so may fade if you sweat or rub the area.

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Siwen  C.
Really good colors

The best brow kit I can find for black to dark brow hair. The color is not too dark and can be combined to make a natural look. Definitely will buy it again

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Ncy L.
Amazing kit!

Been loving it since i got it..the colors are just so perfect! naturally beautiful. It is pricey, but worth every penny. The packaging? Classic goth-victorian chic! just awesome! Been a fan of Anna Sui makeup since long time ago!

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