Beauty Product Reviews

Great quality for the price.

I own more than 10 of these nail polishes now and they are my favourite drugstore ones by far. They don't chip easily and there is a beautiful vast array of colours to choose from. The lighter, pastel colours need a few coats to become opaque but overall I love the Barry M nail paints and would defiantly recommend them to anyone who wants an inexpensive nail polish.

incredibly cheap

I have a few MUA eyeshadows now as they're only £1! They're so incredibly cheap I wasn't expecting such a great product. It's not the best eyeshadow I've ever tried, but it stays on all day, has a nice texture and there are many colours to choose from. I am surprised at the quality of these eyeshadows and would definitely recommend them.

extra long lashes

This mascara is perfect for lengthening lashes and making them appear fuller. I find I only need 1 coat of mascara to get the full effect and it definitely adds an extra oomph to my lashes, especially when I use a lash curler before applying. I wouldn't say it's the best mascara you could get, but for the price it is a decent product which I will carry on using.


I absolutely love this eyeshadow. I own it in the shade Cork and I mainly use it in the socket line and outer corners of my eye. The shadow is blendable and stays on all day, it really brings a warmth to my eyes. The eyeshadow itself is quite small but fits in my bag perfectly and will last me a long time. Look forward to buying more colours from MAC!

good coverage

This foundation is very good at hiding redness and imperfections as it has a medium coverage but I find (on my oily skin) it looks a bit dry and flaky. I like the matte finish but it's hard to work with so I try to mix it with a bit of moisturizer so I can even it out over my face easier. I have found many times this to look a bit orange/yellow on my skin, especially in photos which is disappointing for a MAC product. However, I will carry on using it and hopefully it will look better over time...

nothing special

I use this BB cream quite a lot, but it definitely doesn't provide a lot of coverage. The first coat on my skin is barely noticeable but the formula is buildable so I always wear 2 coats for more coverage. Wouldn't recommend it if you want to cover many imperfections but it is a good BB cream if you're going for a natural, lighter look.

see a difference immediately

I own 2 of these (Pink Punch and Peach Kiss) and I love them. They taste amazing and I love the moisture it provides to my lips when they are dry, I see a difference straight away. The packaging is adorable and definitely a must have for me! Pink Punch also provides a lovely hot pink tint to my lips which helps them look more healthy. I recommend this lip balm to anyone, it's perfect for me.

worth the money

I love this eyeshadow palette so much. There is a range of beautiful colours, 3 of them being matte. The colours vary from a pale cream colour, to a natural brown, to a black. You can create very natural looks and bold smokey eyes so you can create any desired natural look. The included brush has a flat end, perfect for shaping the eyeshadow and a fluffy end which I use to blend darker colours into the socket line and outer corners of my eye. I would definitely recommend this palette from Urban Decay as the quality of eyeshadows are worth the money.