Beauty Product Reviews

I love this product . I've only used it twice so far and I love it already! just not a fan of the tiny brushes and difficult packaging cause it's kinda hard to get the brushes out but the powders and the wax work really well . I recommend it :)

For the price, it wasn't worth it. I already have dark eyebrows and using this didn't really make a difference. it was kinda messy too because a big glob would just end up on my eyebrow and it was difficult to blend it in. It worked the first time I used it, but after using it a second or third time, I felt the product already dried up. I returned it and got a good $30 back. I'll stick to pencils and my clear gel brow for now

I actually love this foundation. it makes my face so smooth and matte but still looking natural. plus, the colour perfectly matches my skin tone. I love how it has spf and a built-in primer already; so much goodness in one bottle :)

what's not to love though? universally flattering colours, and options to play around with simple colours when you're not looking for anything too bold. the only downside is that because of my medium coloured complexion over powers the really light shades of this palette so I need to apply the light colours more than once. but overall it stays on and looks good with a nice winged liner and two coats of mascara :)

I really like this bb cream. it really does blur out some of my pores and it goes on so smoothly and my face doesn't feel or look dry. now if only it had a more decent scent .....

even though I've tried a bunch of mascaras, and have tried and purchased the over-priced ones, I always find myself going back to this one because it just works so well at keeping your curled lashes in place. just two coats and you're good for the day. I love it! and I especially love it when they go on sale for only $6 :P

goes on so smoothly and my lips never feel dry. it tends to fade over time but the stain it leaves on your lip is still noticeable enough and still looks great . love this product, especially this color that I decided to buy another one :)

love the brush , love the product , love the name, love the effect . the only downside is that it dries fast, BUT even when it's dry your lashes don't clump as much. LOVE THIS PRODUCT

the first few times I used this, I loved it cause it really did make my lashes look extremely long and thick but it made my lashes go back to being straight even when I just curled them and eventually it starts to dry out and the product makes your lashes all clumpy . overall it's okay; it lengthens and volumizes but I also prefer curling .

I've had this product for about a year now and it hasn't let me down. my eyeliner and mascara don't smudge under my eyes because of this little bad boy and a little bit of the product still goes a long way. I have oily skin and this kinda helps that issue throughout the day. I think this product is a little pricey but at least it does its job

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