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Jun 22, 2013

Saffron W.

Hey(: I read your comment for the eos lip ball and I had the exact same reaction! I thought it was because bacteria grew on it from being used too much so I bought a new one in a different flavor and the same reaction happened! My lips broke out into bumps almost like a rash or hives, then yellow crusty stuff started showing up and my lips felt like they were weeping eventually so I had to find a new balm to fix my lips. I seriously wish I could of kept on using the eos ball! They were so cute and it felt amazing on my lips! Ugh! I wish they'd figure out what made us few people break out like this then fix it so we could enjoy it too. I searched online and there's more people that's had the same reaction too. I even e-mailed the eos company and all they did was apologized and said that they used ingredients that shouldn't give anybody an allergic reaction and there's an ingredient in the balm that kills off any bacteria. Sadly, I'm stuck using carmex daily healing lip balm for the rest of my life😒

Sabrina S.

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