Burt's Bees

Natural Acne Solutions Purifying Gel Cleanser


Zelie P.
one of my favorite products

this is one of two cleansers I use that helps my skin a lot and that I really love (the other being a more expensive cleanser by murad). I like how it's natural, and it makes me feel clean. Most importantly, it really helps my skin. I have ridiculously sensitive skin and this doesn't irritate it. It gets red when I wash it because I'm touching my face, but in a couple of minutes the redness from touching it goes away and I'm left with skin that feels great and the redness has died down. I don't have severe acne but I do get some and this helps that a lot! I don't plan to ever stop buying this product.

Loryn J.

I have only used this for a week now, but i have to say i fell in love! I was heavily broke out on my forehead when i bought this product and by day two my break out had basically vanished. I have super sensitive skin and this stuff didn't bother me at all. It did still leave me a touch dry but nothing compared to the other products i have tried.

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Sarah T.
Its great stuff for sensitive skin & for anyone who just doesnt like chemicals!

This is the only stuff that works on my skin, i love it cause i have pretty bad acne but really sensitive skin so i can't use any harsh chemicals.

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Theresa L.
Total degreaser for you face without drying it!

Ladies and gentlemen, remember when you were 13 and you were so excited for Noxzema (even though you found out later that it didn't do anything for your complexion except made your face feel like it was a minty mentos?) well here is something that is just as rave-worthy but also works!

The face-wash is a gel that is easy to wash off and doesn't leave any residue. It also leaves a super clean after-feeling and really has helped me combat the summer oilies!

Some Burt's Bees products I feel just ride the reputation of it's chapstick but this one is so good, it stands out on it's own.

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