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This brush is perfect

I love this little gem of a brush so much i have another one in my cart right now, I've used it so much it needs to retire!! I'm a huge detail person when it comes to my shadows. I use a lot of glitter and dust like shadows that requires more effort and the right brush. I find this to be perfect for packing these types of products directly on the lids. For example Too faced glitter bomb palette, UD moondust shadows and Mac dazzle shadows, or even a loose pigment. I 1st apply glitter adhere base to my lids, then I go into the product with this brush and use a patting motion to really POP the product. This is the only brush that I find works for this method. It really makes such a difference in my overall look. Some of these shadows I listed above can have quite a bit of fallout not to mention apply very patchy, but this brush really helps keep my product in just the right place. Side note it also works quite well for placing color in the corners of eyes as well, due to its size and shape it puts the color exactly where you want it (:

ugh my awful!!!

Come on Mac I don't know quite what happened here, but this is just wrong. I get it I know how hard it is to come up with a fragrance especially one the appeals to a vast majority of customers, Macs customer base is so diverse. This however smells like exhaust fumes mixed with pepper and a dash of booze!! I don't know if this was just a defect or how it was actually supposed to smell but honestly it is intolerable. I'm a huge avad fan of all things Mac and 90% of my collection and most of my H.G. products come from Mac. This scent at 65$ a bottle totally had me like what!!!! I can't even look at my heroine lipstick the same way anymore): The packing is beautiful though what you would expect from MAC sleek yet classy, the campaign add was sexy and it really makes you want to buy these. Please formulate this scent again because with a name as strong as heroine this could have smelled different in so many many ways);

This was my H.G

Omg why does Mac always discontinue what I feel are some of there best products well maybe I'm just the odd customer that likes everything that dosent sell lol. This gloss was my perfect nude!! I originally had about 3 tubes and just finished my last one about 3 weeks ago. This gloss was so opaque so perfect so longwearing and not sticky like regular lipglass. I would get about 4hrs of wear before I had to touch up. I have only found one gloss that is comparable and that was Macs Vamplify in hyper fabulous which is now also DISCONTINUED!!!! I believe Mac came out with Vamplify as an alternative to the Pro longwear lipglass. I'm hoping that Mac will bring back either one of these formulas. I'm not a gloss person because most glosses in general lack pigment and are just way to sticky for me, with the exception of these 2, I've tried so many on the market and nothing compares!!! I wrote a review on Macs website hoping they will listen to my plea!!

Holy COLOR!!!

Wow tarte how you impressed me with this palette let me count the ways!!! When I saw this I has to grab it, Tarte is a superb quality brand as far as formulas wear time etc, but very SAFE when it comes to shadow shades. Honestly how many NEUTRAL eyeshadow palettes do we really need. In the past tartes formula is always been quality soft super milled pigmented shadows, but they always looked the same, same scheme different name. This palette made me really fall in love with tarte all over again. 1st off these colors are just beautifully made and apply so so seamless and pigmented. The shades are such a range from creamy colored mattes to shimmering metallics,and a few neutrals which I don't mind because I can get so many looks out of just this palette alone. They are just so soft and so bright with little fallout and no fading. This is a definite home run in the pallet world. Tarte please keep up with the COLOR because your quality is some of the best I've ever used!! Ooh and they smell delicious as well!!

Better as an eyeshadow!!

I'm in love with rose gold anything, and as for this tarte liner I can honestly say it is a true rose gold in color!! Some brands claim a color to be rose gold but I find when I get the product it's more gold then anything. Being that this does not have a matte finish but more of a metallic glitter finish I have a hard time using this as an eyeliner. It's quite chunky so it's makes lining very hard. However if I use it as more of a cream shadow just on the lid it's quite beautiful, and eventually dries down to a nice pop of metallic on the lid. If using it this way I suggest doing your lid 1st because it takes a while to dry then doing your crease after. I feel this would of been marketed better as a cream shadow / liner for this texture. Tarte did however hit it on the brush with the rose gold shade super impressed with the over all COLOR here!!!

tarte is venturing out!!

This was a pleasant surprise, especially coming from Tarte. My take on tarte and this is only my personal opinion is that they are a very SAFE aka neutral brand,tho very high quality products very boring in the color eyeshadow department. 1st we were hit with the Pro palette and that Wowed me and now this!! I love that this great quality brand is finally putting out color and now high shimmer metallics!! I found this palette to be quite great the formula adheres quite well to the eye I use either glitter glue or spray the brush with fix+ and this really locks the shadow formula on the lid. I find them more creamy and not as dense as similar brands with a similar formula, very comparable to moondust by U.D but slightly easier to work with. Plus the added highlighter is a nice plus similar to kvd thunderstruck with less gold, also makes for a great brow bone highlight. Is this pallet perfect well no but for a 1st try with this formula it is quite Good! I hope tarte continues to put out more colors and textures, because I feel it's a great step for a brand i feel is so safe. I'm a color person we all need a few good staple shades in our collection but one only needs so many of the same shade. Good Job tarte ooh on a side note this palette smells amazing!!!!

botox is exactly right!

So I've been using this for about a month now, I wanted to wait to do a review because all products especially in skin care do not produce a result over night it takes time. What I've noticed so far are major signs of improvement especially on my forehead and the sides of my eyes, my expression lines on my forehead have faded quite a bit, so much that my makeup isn't creasing up nearly as much anymore. I had the slightest look of crows feet on the sides of my eyes and now I can hardly see them. The only area I don't notice much improvement in yet is directly under my eyes, it could be in part because of the applicator I'm afraid of getting it directly into my eyes, and because the instructions say to basically take the dropper directly to the face I have to move fast because it starts to run downwards, my fault as well because I have very long nails lol. Overall my skin is in a happy place and I thank this product and the Niacinamide 10%+Zinc1% for making such a difference. My skin is so much more radiant, clear, and my makeup is also applying nicer as well. I'm so glad beautylish made these products available to us. Every year I have a list of my top 20 products which include skin care,cosmetics (majority lol), and haircare, I turn around and educate people around me using these products as examples, it's a great feeling when a friend,family member or co worker says thank you when I recommend something. These 2 solutions are defiantly on my top 20 this year!! On a side note I use them in the morning along with tatcha the water cream, and at night with tatcha overnight memory serum concentrate, I'm 38 years old with some signs of ageing and very oily skin. I will come back and give an update in another 2 months. I look forward to trying a few more products from the Ordinary that I feel will also help target my concerns!! We only get 1 skin and it's so important to take care of it!!

So disappointed

ofra has a variety of good products especially there highlighters but these liquid lipsticks need some improvement. They have a beautiful shade range but just performed so poorly. I own 2 one in a matte shade called Tuscany the swatch and color is beautiful it's a nude cinnamon color, the problem with it for me is the texture it slightly burns and feels weird on my lips, it applys nicely and opaque but is extremely drying and leaves a nasty ring inside my inner lips. The 2nd shade u have is called Napa Valley and it is one of the most beautiful metallic purple grape I've ever seen, it swatches beautiful, the wear is horrible 1st I know metallic liquid is a hard formulation to perfect, I have one from another brand that only performed a bit better. When applied it is patchy and cracks quite bad, plus it also stings my lips. Even drinking from a straw removes this in patches. Overall the concept is there the product just needs improvement); I will include swatches!

yay thanks for adding this beauty!!

I absolutely love Kat von d, many of my main MAKEUP products are from her brand, she is not just a woman but an empire in my opinion! I'm so impressed with everything she puts out because her products are definitely in a league of there own. She pushes what people consider the norm in the beauty world, from the colors alone. Her products are all unique in there own way. I'm on my 2nd palette of this beautiful tiny treasure. Holographic in my opinion is hard to pull off and really POP with some other brands out there, but that's not the case with Ms. Von D. These multi use shades are outstanding. My favorite way to use them are over Sugarpill cosmetics bulletproof black eyeshadow for a very intense look especially sapphire and emerald. The holographic highlight it gives my eyes lasts and does not face into the black or oxidize. When I'm going for a different look I use the shade opal in the corners of my eyes and as a brow bone color as well. Even popping a bit of this on to your favorite lipstick will give you a totally unique look. I don't tend to use these as a soul highlighter to often only because being the size I would probably need a 3rd palette pretty soon lol (:

# 315 not listed in shades but omg!!!

luxurious,creamy,classy,comfortable,chic I can go on forever about this lipstick!! I'm a broke woman trying to live a rich womans dream lol, when it comes to cosmetics I do spend a small fortune, everyone has a vice or 2 and the world of high end cosmetics and beauty is me. This shade is the most perfect 315 framboise velours is the name. The most beautiful berry lipstick on the market, trust me I own close to 300 lipsticks and don't have anything in comparison. It is comfort matte with intense pigment, covers my lips perfectly opaque without a liner or a lip primer. The wear time is amazing about 8 hrs and I smoke, it never dries out my lips. The color is so flattering on my olive toned skin I think it would work for any skin tone. It comes in a beautiful leather casing and is in my opinion well worth it's 37$ price. The best most stunning berry ever!! They have this shade plus several more on Sephoras website. Givenchy definitely does it big with quality when it comes to one of there products!!

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