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Nicole A.
ugh my awful!!!

Come on Mac I don't know quite what happened here, but this is just wrong. I get it I know how hard it is to come up with a fragrance especially one the appeals to a vast majority of customers, Macs customer base is so diverse. This however smells like exhaust fumes mixed with pepper and a dash of booze!! I don't know if this was just a defect or how it was actually supposed to smell but honestly it is intolerable. I'm a huge avad fan of all things Mac and 90% of my collection and most of my H.G. products come from Mac. This scent at 65$ a bottle totally had me like what!!!! I can't even look at my heroine lipstick the same way anymore): The packing is beautiful though what you would expect from MAC sleek yet classy, the campaign add was sexy and it really makes you want to buy these. Please formulate this scent again because with a name as strong as heroine this could have smelled different in so many many ways);