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so so good for the skin!!

I love tatcha products, and this skin mist moisturizing spray is quite a hem when it comes to the super ingredients in it. I have oily skin and didn't think it would work for me because anything that has the word 'dewy in it usually does not. However because of my love of this brand I thought I'd give it a try. It's quite lovely I use it at night as the final step in my evening routine just 2 sprays and all these ingredients just soak into my skin, squalane red algae and a bunch of other goodness. I do not recommend using this as a setting spray for cosmetics period, I've seen in other reviews where some tend to use it as that. I feel using it that way adds way to much oil to makeup, and the skin doesn't get the great boost of ingredients either, not mention the cost is 48$ a bottle for 1.35oz. To me it's just a much more cost effective to use it as a spray moisturizer, each bottle lasts me around 3 months. It's an absolutely wonderful product that boots the skins radiance and will absorb into all skin types when used correctly!!

worth every penny!!!

I absolutely love the tatcha brand, 90% of my skincare routine consists of this brand. These blotting papers are the best on the market hands down!!! I am severely oily and have struggled over the years to keep my makeup in place sometimes having to use multiple touch up products. I've been using this brand for about 7 months now and it's seriously a game changer. 1st off I love the size of them one sheet does my whole face, it removes all excess oils and leaves behind an airbrushed like look, no clumping, or patches in my makeup. I only have to use one sheet midway through my day and it gets the job done. No more heavy blot powders or other blotting sheets that stick to my face!! Totally worth the money the quality is just superb!!!

*side note*

in my review I forgot to add one of the most important factors of this product, as soon as it dries after applying my skin feels so tight and firm I noticed that upon the first use. I love when I get that feeling from a skin care product which honestly is not very often I feel like it really is minimizing my pores.

love it!!!

wow first off let me start by saying I'm only basing this on a two-week review, I will update in about 3 months for total results. I've read great things about the ordinary so I finally decided to step out of my skin care regimen comfort zone and give some of their products to try. I'm 38 years old and I have fairly good looking skin however I still have a few issues that I work on on a daily basis. my skin is super oily I have large pores and get blackheads still from time to time. in just two weeks of use I've noticed blackheads that I have that were deep into my skin are easily coming to the surface now, I feel like my skin kind of went through a cleansing thing and the pores that did have stuff in them have purged themselves. I've also noticed a significant change in my oil production using this along with the high it here silicone primer has really changed the look of my makeup as well. my skin has an overall healthier appearance I use this particular product in the morning with my daily skin routine, and at night before I go to bed with my nightly routine. overall I think this product is absolutely amazing and that's only with two weeks of use I purchased a few other products from the ordinary brand, and plan on actually purchasing a few more. the rest of my skincare routine consists of anti-aging so I'm changing a few things up in that routine as well. honestly from what I can tell this brand works so much better then other brands that are ten times the price. I'm so glad beautylish has made this accessible and easier for us to get a hold of.

wow just wow

I've had the struggle with oily skin my whole life it's a blessing for wrinkles but a.curse.for MAKEUP. I've tried just about every primer on the market,some better then others but never perfect. I so glad I decided to try this one. 1st off what i love about this primer is it's extreme wear under makeup, I find with most oily skin primers that they just don't adhere well at all and about 4 hrs into my day my foundation starts to slide and bunch up in my fine lines,nose and other problem areas. This primer however keeps everything exactly where I put it without any movement this is a 1st for me and what sets this primer in such high standards. I find I do still get a bit oily but a blot with powder or papers and my makeup still remains as perfect as possible l wish everyone with out of control oil could try this and see what an amazing difference it makes. xoxo

these Shadows are amazing!

I was a little hesitant at first to give these eyeshadows a try only because I've read a lot of mixed reviews, but when it comes to glitter and metallics well those are some of my favorite things! this color in diamond dust is absolutely beautiful, it legitly looks like I have crushed diamonds on my eyelids. the doe foot applicator is quite unique for applying the Shadows. I recommend only using and eyeshadow primer underneath rather than and eyeshadow itself, I then take the doe foot applicator and Pat my eyelids layer by layer until I get the desired effect, I fan my eyes a bit and make sure that the product is dry. once the product is dry there is very little fall out and they last a very long time, it takes me about 10 hours from start to finish on a work day before I remove my makeup and these Shadows do not budge. I also suggest doing your eyes first and then your foundation because with some of the shades there is just a bit of fall out during the application process. you can incorporate the Shadows with regular powder shadows in your crease for transitioning Etc, I personally do Mike crease after I've applied these to my lid because like I said once they dry they do not budge. some shades however stand out more than others, like this shade here I'm reviewing diamond dust, another shade called next to notte, as for Shades like the texture of in a frenzy is more of just a metallic Shadow with less glitter. I have a few more of these to try out so I will be reviewing each one as I go. overall Stila really hit a homerun with these products they are absolutely beautiful and very easy to use, I plan to eventually get them all just to see the difference in textures!!

glowing next level!

this year I've been so into the holographic look. I love everything about holographic colors, I'm always looking to push the boundaries just a bit, and this glow kit definitely does just that. the kit itself is very useful not only for highlighting but for shadow as well. the pans are quite large and the colors are absolutely beautiful. I have found a use for all of them, with a bit of black eyeshadow as a base and these beautiful colors over top they make for beautiful eyeshadow colors. my favorite color for highlighting in the kit is called hella, with my olive skin tone it gives me a beautiful Unique Glow. don't be afraid of the colors in here because you can build the intensity from light Too Deep depending on how much glow you want to achieve. I always love to push the boundaries and these help me to achieve just that, on the eyes they last through a full work shift with zero creasing, and as a highlight they say just perfect. these highlighters have somewhat of a cream like texture but apply like a powder, I'm so glad I gave this a try and will continue to use it on a regular basis. Anastasia has never let me down from their glow kits to their eyeshadows and brows!

I can see the hype!!!

I've been waiting to try visart for quit a while but the price tag often makes me jump a little, I have a massive collection of eyeshadow from every non drug store brand and indie brand out there. I'm glad they made this little one so I could at least try them out before deciding to make the big jump to the 80$ palette. The theory ones are not to pricy for me either but way to neutral for my taste, I love color and extreme shimmer. I only use neutral for transition, and crease and right under brow bone. So on to this palette, I absolutely love the shimmer shades they are super pigmented and buttery, they go on like a dream and are easy to blend, there is some fallout but a light dust with a fan brush takes care of that. They do not crease or fade and stay just as vibrant as 1st applied. The matte shades are quite nice as well the red brown shade 3rd on the top is my favorite, a great pigmented shade that applies without being chalky or streaky. I use the mattes to blend out my bottom liner and it stays just beautiful. Overall I can see the hype with the quality of these shadows, if more little palettes like this are made with color I will pick them up. I do not Depot my shadows so I took off half a star for the package. I'm glad I was finally able to try these out overall very impressed (:

omg I'm in love

I always get so excited when sugarpill releases a new product especially there eyeshadows and the reason why, well everything I've ever gotten since I discovered this amazing brand has been nothing shy of perfect. When they release something I always know what to expect at least in the love and quality put into each and every product. Amy and her brand do it yet again with this amazing set and what a perfect time to release it for Valentine's day (: Sugarpill caused my obsession with red eyeshadow and since then I can't get enough. I'm a huge huge fan of the foiled shades I keep begging for more, the foiled red in this palette is 1 of a kind hands down absolutely stunning high pigment with no fallout I love it!!! And as for the liquid metallic lipstick well it's the best form of metallic liquid I've yet to try most of the metallic shades out there are horrible but this one drys beautiful and keeps my lips soft, to me it kinda smells like lemon tarte or pie lol must be my nose (: Again I'm beyond impressed with this all the usual Sugarpill quality and love put into every aspect of this set...much love to Amy and her continued success with the best indie line I've ever used xoxo

Perfect popping rose gold

I feel like this shade is a mix of peach colored roses, and beautiful rose gold. Again I can never rave enough about Sugarpill and there quality it's so luxe all of Amy products are made to perfection. This color is like a dream, you can play it down without wetting your brush for a soft wash of light peach or really pump it up with a damp brush, that's when I feel on me that is leans more on the rose gold side just perfection in a tiny jar, I like to use this shade to its full potential along with tartes rose gold eyeliner pot in the inner and outer corners it really brings out the color so much more, this is definitely a shade anyone can wear and so charming so charmy is the perfect name (: thanks again Sugarpill for another amazing product please keep them coming xoxo

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