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candy apples for a goddess

This is one of the very 1st Sugarpill colors I ever ordered, my very 1st attempt on a red. I've always loved more bold in your face kinda colors but this color was beyond anything I'd ever used before. back in 2012/2013 I discovered my love of indie brands, but sugarpill caught my eyes the most. From the time my brush hit my mixing pan I fell in love with this color and have been wearing it ever since. This amazing red is like a beautiful streak of fire shifting ever so slightly with a golden hint, the color is absolutely amazing like nothing I've ever seen to this date. This is the best red shadow on the market it still puts all others to shame. Sugarpill puts nothing but 100% time and quality into everything they make. It's like a shiny candy apple with a touch of carmel. Everytime I wear it people go nuts so stunning asylum is definitely a fitting name (:

makes me feel like a countess

like everything Sugarpill puts out well Amy never disappoints me. This shadow is absolutely beautiful. It's like she took cranberries and pomegranates and crushed them into magic dust with a beautiful side of glitter!!! I have brown eyes and this color just makes them pop like crazy, as with all Sugarpill shadows they are super luxe and mega mega pigmented, you can adjust the loose ones from light bursts to a wet metallic. This is yet another color for the record books. Asylum has always been my favorite but now I have to say Countess is right up there. Thanks again Sugarpill for always putting out quality amazing one of a kind products to me that is what makes your brand so unique and special (:


I can't believe I've waited so long to actually get this product. Me well I'm an avid Mac user so I've been using Mac fluidline gel brow for quite some time, I ran out and was waiting to reorder, well I stopped into Sephora to grab a concealer and started playing around with these. This color was perfect because it has just the slightest hint of red and my hair is burgundy so I picked it up. All I can say is holy brows I used my usual brow pencil to start it is also mac in spiked I believe, and using my mac angled brow brush, I applied the dip brow and wow the color is just perfect and it glides on and spreads so smoothly. I prefer my own brow shape which is high arch and full brow and this just really made my brows perfect, and it lasts and lasts. Even when taking my makeup off I have to wipe several times to get it off. I absolutely love this product and I'm so glad I ran out of my usual or else I never would of tried it. Also when applied properly you only need a small amount on the brush so I can see this will also last quite some time as well the jar is pretty large..I must say slay lol the best 18 bucks I've spent in a long time (:

really good polish

I recently picked up 6 shades of Mac polish, I'm usually a fan of formula x polish made by sephora but as of late I've had trouble with them bubbling once they are dry. I've used mac polish before but never is solid cream shades and they were also quite well.This shade right here is very beautiful and super opaque you could almost only have to use one coat if need be and it would still be enough. They go on super smoothly with no streaking and dry down quite beautiful and shiny even without a top coat. The wear time varies on my activity so anywhere from 5 to 7 days before they chip. I love doing my own nails and often finish bottles of polish because my nails are pretty long.Alot of times with other cream opaque polishes I have to apply like a Lit glitter or some type of overlay due to the bubbling after drying but these I can just leave plain. + you can also recycle them with Mac so that's a great reason also (:

I can't believe how much I love this!!!

I took one star off for the package only because it is quite runny and runs out of the bottle and Into the cap when closed But this stuff is beautiful I have a newer version the bottle style is just a bit different but is the same product. The one I have you don't have to use in the machine if you don't want to, I personally mix 2 small drops and I mean small on the back of my hand and add 2 drops of my foundation I mix them together with a damp beauty blender and apply. The result I get is just a glowing dewy beautiful airbrushed effect..honestly this is better then luster drops custom color drops etc, becca you name it hands down the best glowing but natural effects I've ever gotten in a liquid product I never would of tried this had it not been for a friend that gave it to me but I'm so glad I did just a beautiful all over glow..what a great product (:

great primer

I'm very pleased with the performance of this primer especially in the under eye and t zone area I definitely notice less creasing of my under eye concealer as well as a lot less shine in my t zone. I'm very oily and continue to switch primer quite often. Sometimes I even have to mix them. With this primer I notice a smoother overall even texture to my skin, and I only have to use this with a thin layer of rcma setting powder and it keeps my undereye area all day. I love how it soaks up into the skin leaving a nice canvas, I still get a bit oily after about 4 hrs but usually only have to use my blot powder once during my work shift and it also keeps my products from setting into patches or moving, my foundation stays exactly where I put it so that is also nice. I must say it's one of the better primers on the market and I will continue to use it. In a perfect world is only where you can find a primer that keeps you 100% oil free so this is close enough for me (:

always the best always

when I 1st discovered Lit cosmetics, I couldn't wait to try it. I thought could there actually be a glitter out there that wasn't a complete mess and failed like every other glitter product on the market. Well to this day I consider Lit cosmetics to be one of the most innovative amazing breakthrough brands out there. There is zero mess zero as long as you use it with the clearly liquid base, I blow people away everytime I wear this amazing glitter eye. It stays exactly where you put it no transfer to upper lid no fallout just perfection. I even use it on my nails and people can't believe I do my nails myself. This paticular shade is quite special because of the colors in the glitter burgundy,gold,and chocolate you can use it with basically any warm toned shadow and get this one of a kind look everytime. If there is one product out there that you are dying to try this is IT, I own over 68 shades and can't get enough "no glitter no glory"

a little hard to work with

I absolutely love sugarpill, Amy in opinion has created a one of a kind indie brand that is my favorite, my love of red eyeshadow came with asylum lol, I have had all of these except the blue one since they came out. At first I had a hard time building them up because the texture is a bit different from the other loose shadows in the line. I had to find a way make them stick and build up better, at 1st I tried mixing them with inglot duraline and macs mixing medium which made them even harder to work with. I kinda just set them aside for a while and decided to give them a try again. Now I apply my mac paint pot in bare study and too faced glitter glue on top and just pat these suckers to perfection, the yellow is my favorite it's so unique and really stands out I can play it up with a black smokey eye or make it more everyday with a nice blended gold in the crease. These are best to show the true color when they are patted on with a brush rather than sweeping the brush back and fourth. You can work it up to the pigment and color you want to this way. Sugarpill is always 1st on my list so whenever there is a new product it's mine

this is it the hg brush cleaner

I'm sick of my brushes always being stained due to the fact that I use alot of color eyeshadows, and face products, I've been using macs brush cleaner for years but it just never seems to get the job done, leaving stains on the brush as well as the handles. I've been using the beautyblender for over a year now for my foundation and when I ran out of my normal brush cleaner I decided to try this due to the high reviews on sephora and other sites. Let me tell you this stuff is a blessing, it completely removes even the most stubborn of colors like reds blues and pinks. It makes my powder brushes look brand new, I've never used anything quite so good. I love the way it is packaged as well very sanatiry and super easy to use. Bye Bye stains and throwing away brushes to soon this stuff is amazing (:

false to the max

this is "lashes up" the best mascara I've ever tried. My lashes look false and so so long not to mention super black. I wish I could afford this mascara all the time because 32.00 is so expensive for one mascara but what it does is so well worth it. It even makes my bottom peepers pop which is a hard task because I don't have much bottom lash at all. I do use with Macs prep + prime lashes 1st. I then apply about 2 coats on the top and wait a few minutes and wrap my lashes around the wand from the upper outer lash kinda like a reverse curling iron and then that's when they look huge!!!! It has a wonderful smell and does not flake at is honestly the best mascara I've ever tried. I can only afford about 2 tubes a year so I cherish them dearly. I've added a close up photo as well (:

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