Make Believe in Yourself: Eye and Cheek Palette


Nicole A.
tarte is venturing out!!

This was a pleasant surprise, especially coming from Tarte. My take on tarte and this is only my personal opinion is that they are a very SAFE aka neutral brand,tho very high quality products very boring in the color eyeshadow department. 1st we were hit with the Pro palette and that Wowed me and now this!! I love that this great quality brand is finally putting out color and now high shimmer metallics!! I found this palette to be quite great the formula adheres quite well to the eye I use either glitter glue or spray the brush with fix+ and this really locks the shadow formula on the lid. I find them more creamy and not as dense as similar brands with a similar formula, very comparable to moondust by U.D but slightly easier to work with. Plus the added highlighter is a nice plus similar to kvd thunderstruck with less gold, also makes for a great brow bone highlight. Is this pallet perfect well no but for a 1st try with this formula it is quite Good! I hope tarte continues to put out more colors and textures, because I feel it's a great step for a brand i feel is so safe. I'm a color person we all need a few good staple shades in our collection but one only needs so many of the same shade. Good Job tarte ooh on a side note this palette smells amazing!!!!