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Nicole A.
So disappointed
Photo of product included with review by Nicole A.

ofra has a variety of good products especially there highlighters but these liquid lipsticks need some improvement. They have a beautiful shade range but just performed so poorly. I own 2 one in a matte shade called Tuscany the swatch and color is beautiful it's a nude cinnamon color, the problem with it for me is the texture it slightly burns and feels weird on my lips, it applys nicely and opaque but is extremely drying and leaves a nasty ring inside my inner lips. The 2nd shade u have is called Napa Valley and it is one of the most beautiful metallic purple grape I've ever seen, it swatches beautiful, the wear is horrible 1st I know metallic liquid is a hard formulation to perfect, I have one from another brand that only performed a bit better. When applied it is patchy and cracks quite bad, plus it also stings my lips. Even drinking from a straw removes this in patches. Overall the concept is there the product just needs improvement); I will include swatches!