Beauty Product Reviews

My favorite palette of life!!

Okay, hands down this is the absolute best palette I've ever used!!! Pretty much everything about it except one thing, but I'll get to that at the end. First off, the colors that come in this palette are incredible, they're so beautiful and they all go so well with each other with all the browns and the gold and pinks and purple and the deep olive green and burgundy...there are so many combinations and literally any of the shadows match each other from the palette. I'm also impressed by the ratio of mattes to shimmer, there being 6 out of 16 matte and the other 10 shimmers. I always am on the look out or good matte transition shades and this palette alone has three amazing ones! I also love that the highlight shades come in bigger sizes, because they'll be used everyday and I like that there's a matte highlight and a shimmer highlight. This palette was really well thought out! The quality of the shadows are fantastic, I love how blendable and buttery they are. And the smell is so intoxicating!! I thought I'd get sick of the smell of chocolate but I can't get enough! The only small problem I have with this palette is the packaging...I got the slim version and I like the magnetic closure but I feel like its not very secure when I close it because the magnet doesn't allow it to seal all the way...but its not that big of an issue to me when compared to all the pros. I'd definitely urge anyone to get this palette!!

For the most part, I liked it

I loved this toner up until the point that I reached near the end of the bottle... it did reduce my acne and control my oil but after using it daily I think my skin got used to it and when I put it on I felt like it just sat on top if my skin instead of being absorbed. Initially it worked really well and for the most part I loved it. But side note, it smells really strong.

Its all right

I say it adds some volume but for my heavy hair, the volume it added barely made a difference, no matter how much product I used, whether a lot or a little. I use this if I run out of my other root boosters.

Was confused at first but now i love it!

So to be honest....I hated this so much at first hahaha. I got it as a sample from Ulta and was so excited to try it but the first like 5 times I used it, it made my hair absolutely AWFUL. The texture of my hair was coarse and not soft at all and pretty much impossible to style!! Which never happens to my hair with the way I've been taking care of it lately, so I was upset and stopped using it and my hair went right back to normal...Then I decided a couple weeks later to try it again but on my hair when it was dry, and oh my gosh it was fantastic!! I still use it on my ends when my hair is dry when I feel like I need to freshen it up a bit. I don't use it as instructed on the bottle but it works for me the way I use it now!


This stuff...Oh. My. Gah. Its just fantabulous! Its so moisturizing, repairing, long-lasting...pretty much makes my lips feel so amazing. its absolutely everything I want in a lip ChapStick/balm thing I could ever want! The only thing I have to say about it is the smell, which I personally don't have a problem with but I know it smells bad to other people...but I would recommend this to anybody living here on earth and this will forever be a holy grail.

Too gentle?

I know this is a gentle face wash and all but in all was TOO gentle haha. it didn't do anything at all, I didn't feel like it helped my skin really and I do have sensitive skin and I didn't feel like it cleansed it much either. I think this product for me was overall just an average kind of product. didn't help but didn't hurt either.

Not for me

I really wanted to love this foundation....I have problem.s finding foundations that really match my skin tone and I found the perfect shade in the line, except the actual formula did not work for me at all...I have combo/oily skin so I already knew I'd have to use a matte primer and set with powder...Which I did do, but I was EXTREMELY oily within a couple hours, and I was just sitting at home. I only used it once but ended having a bad breakout after the 4 hours that I wore it. Really sad that the formula didn't work for my skin even with the primer and setting with powder because I love that they have such a wide range for everyone with different undertones. :( Also I was really disappointed that it didn't give me much coverage at all. For those with normal to dry skin that aren't looking for a super full coverage foundation could use this product...its just not for me:(

Love it!

I was looking for a cheaper foundation brush and the worker at Ulta recommended this one to me because he said that it can be used for liquid and powder foundation and works well with both. I have to say I really enjoy using this brush! Its so soft and dense and really gets all the product on my face. I also love that it can stand up on my vanity because of the handle. And the quality is great for a cheaper price! Love Real Techniques:)