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Volumizing Root Boost Spray


Kelly C.

I just recently bought this and I dont think it was more than $4. Definitely worth the money. I spray it on my roots and the mid shaft of my hair while its wet. Then I use a big round brush to lift the hair up while blow drying. It gives you a lot of volume. I recommend it to anyone that wants extra volume while blow drying their hair

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Ashley L.

It does give my hair full body. I used it with both a blow dryer and a hood dryer and I got the same results. My hair is relaxed and it also provided some nice moisture after I was done.

Chris C.

love love love this product and it was barely $4 at walmart! I'm always looking for things to give my hair volume. And I wasnt willing to tease my hair on the daily! ontop of hair spraying it in place and this product has defintely done it for me. The volume it gives me is amazing, I actually prefer this much more versus ENJOY products in regards togiving me volume! And for the fraction of the cost! I like to spray this on eitherwet or dry hair and blow dry my hair upside down. Works much much better than the garnier one. And I like that the nozzle spray helps direct the spray and product more towards your roots. Too bad this product isnt carried as widely in most stores. I've only seen this in Walmart, not much in drug stores or Target )8

Dawn A.
Its all right

I say it adds some volume but for my heavy hair, the volume it added barely made a difference, no matter how much product I used, whether a lot or a little. I use this if I run out of my other root boosters.