Beauty Product Reviews

I am very happy with this product, i like the design a lot and it works great for me i also bought one for my mom and she loves it. It comes very handy specially for when you travel because it incluides the nail clipper and the nail fail and it all fits inside so you save some space. The price is good.

I really like this eyelashes, specially the lenght and the way it makes my eyes pop but the glue is really bad... it doesn't work that well and since it's white its even hard to cover it with the liquid eye liner, harder than other white glues i've tried... i would recommend this eye lashes but would buy another brand black glue for separate.

The Kim K perfume that i own is the gold one, my bf gave it to me for valentine's because im a big fan of hers and i love it!! it smells like an expensive perfume, very classy and sexy.

I was curious about trying this blush for a long time but i was hesitating because i dont like creamy blushes, until i finally did and i loved it!! it blends in my skin pretty softly and nicely, i love the color and the feeling! it feels like a cream but once you put it in your skin its like you are applying a dust blush. Its very different to any other blush i've tried before, specially the texture and it feels like you're wearing nothing.. LOVE IT!! :)

I love this eye shadows!! i personally own the night sky and the starry pink and i love them both. One of the most sparkly eye shadows i've ever tried. It gives my eye make up the awesome finish i aim for because i like to apply them with a base color.

I love VS eye shadows but this aren't my favorite at all... some of the colors are not very pigmented so it's not even worth it. Among them all, the "silvered dollars" is the only one i would recommend, i use it a lot and i like it.

I really like this gloss!! im not a big fan of lip gloss but this one i like. I dont really notice a big difference when it comes to plumping my lips but i still like it. It gives you a minty fresh feeling and it looks really nice and sexy.

Before trying this mascara i was so much into trying different ones, i guess i had a thing for mascaras, but ever since i tried this one i haven't tried any other. I just love it, love the volume it gives to my eye lashes, it makes them look longer and thicker wish is what i always aim for. Great product! my favorite mascara so far (and i have tried a lot of different ones!).

I bought this product when it first came out, i was kinda excited about trying it but honestly i didnt like it that much... the lip balm came off like right away while i was applying it on my lips so i now i have to do it with my finger or a brush... wish is like a 100 points less because for a lipstick you will probably be looking for something easy to apply. The color was way out there, not my style but maybe i just got the wrong color, next time i would probably go for a lighter one. But deffinitely the lip balm coming off was reason enough for me to not buy it again :/

I LOVE VS's eye shadows, specially this ones, i like them all but my fav is the golden one because it is super sparkly and it gives you a warm natural glow... they are awesome! You can also find VS shadows that look the same but comes with 2 colors, half and half, personally i prefer the ones with just one color... they r deffinitely a must have! i have a lot of them but for me it is an essentian to have the white one and the golden one.

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