Dream Bouncy Blush

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Aisun N.

absolutely love this blush! I feel like I can use it every day, and it blends in so great with my skin. I feel like it suits every skin tone, and looks so natural. I'm planing on buying way more shades since I already have 3. LOVE!!!

Carla G.

I was curious about trying this blush for a long time but i was hesitating because i dont like creamy blushes, until i finally did and i loved it!! it blends in my skin pretty softly and nicely, i love the color and the feeling! it feels like a cream but once you put it in your skin its like you are applying a dust blush. Its very different to any other blush i've tried before, specially the texture and it feels like you're wearing nothing.. LOVE IT!! :)

Jorden R.

i have medium dark skin and i got this on plum wine and wooow i didnt think it was so pigmented. the texture is so smooth and it goes on bright and pretty. i was kinda iffy about them because of the reviews on color pay off but maybe they reformulated them :3 i love the color and how it feels so light

Prima C.
Took awhile to get use to

This was my first experience with cream blushes. I hated it! I picked it up again a few months later after I understood how to manipulate cream blushes and its a really pretty shade. the color is soft but pigmented. Once it's on the skin it feels smooth like a powder and blends very easily.