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Seriously on my top for nude palettes. TheBalm is so underrated, I haven't come across a product I haven't fallen in love with. This is no exception.

The formula: buttery, soft, not powdery or dry at all. Comparable formulas are Urban Decay, Wet n Wild and L'oreal Infallible.

The pigmentation: On point. You have to sometimes be careful to use a lighter hand w the dark shades to avoid muddiness.

The packaging: as with all of theBalm's products, super chic and cute. Diggin it :)

Love it so much. Cant believe no one is talking about this haha. It's so cute I'm in love with the packaging. So compact and travel friendly. Amazing colour choices. Decently good pigmentation, but def needs a primer. Only complaint is the slight lack of pigment in the blushes. But I can deal. This packaging is way too cute to pass. It was $39.

Not bad at all! I hear so much about this so I tried a sample size from sephora. I don't have majorly large pores but they're pretty visible if you look close, and some concealers accentuate them. This primer does more of a pore-filling effect, which I like! Some primers do a blurring effect which is good but wears off quicker.

I think this product would work well to fill pores. It doesn't have oil control, nor does it claim to have any, but I think that was worth pointing out. I'll probably be buying the full size for my mother. :)

Out of emilynoel83's recommendation, I bought this in "Light" even though I have very dark brown/black eyebrow hairs. The shades in the Light kit are cool-toned, not as "red" as you get from the Medium. I'm sure it's not a huge deal anyways, but just thought I'd mention, even dark brows can suit the Light! Love the highlighter too. Looks great and lasts long!

This works just as good as high end eye primers, so for a dollar you can save the extra $ for something else! So glad this product exists, haha.

It's pretty average imo. I like the colour Paradise, it's a lovely pinky-mauve with a cremesheen finish. However, besides the shade, there's nothing else I really like about it. The scent lingers and it's not pleasant, like the scent of a lipsmacker. It lasts about an hour before reapplication is needed. It settles into the outline of your lips if you don't use a lipliner. Also may I add the packaging is atrociously old-fashioned, not a fan!

It's $5 at my local Walmart. Honestly, for $2 more you can get a Revlon lippie which, in my opinion, is so much better and Revlon's packaging looks chic!

The perfect concealer. I've been disappointed by Mac's face makeup up until this one. It's AMAZING. The coverage is so full, like Hard Candy Glamoflauge. The diff between this concealer and others is the consistency! So lightweight, like a liquid foundation. It's smooth and blendable, covers acne scars and existing acne. Must be set with a powder, as with any concealer. :)

Awful blush. There is no pigmentation to it, more chunky sparkle than anything. The entire fitMe line is disappointing and this isn't a redemption product. A $3 Wet n Wild blush is literally 1000x better.

I adore this so much! First of all, look at it! I mean, it's SO adorable and I've gotten so many envious raves from friends about it. It's just so cute. Lol.

Second, the products itself. I love all of it, i've gotten use out of every item! Such a fan.

The best thing ever for summertime. Keeps oil away, looks light but gives deent coverage, much more so than other bbs i've tried. Feels light and I'm in love with its benefits too! Def recommend.

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