Beauty Product Reviews

The colours a pretty natural but nothing special. It´s nice if you want to go for a very light natural look. The colours last long though. It even got me trough a snack meal.

This is by far the worst foundation I have ever tried. The coverage is close to nothing and my skin seems oily after I use it. It takes a lot of powder to cover the shine. The feeling it leaves on my skin is aweful. As if I have been wearing heavy foundation in the sun all day.

Great coverage. Good colour to my fair skin. But I would not use this under my eyes. It drys it pretty much out. Little in the pricy side but for the small amount you need and what you get from the coverage its good!

When I first bought it i only tried it on the back of my hand and I thought the colour would fit me. (I´m fairest shade # 120) Then when I applied it to my face I looked orange. Therefore if you are really pale/fair this is not a foundation you want. Though the feeling of it is quite nice. Not a highend feeling or cover.

Great to try the products!

This was part of the Set I got when I first started using Dermalogica which was somewhat beginning of feb and it still lasts! I have been using this everyday so this lasts for more than two month and I still got a lot of product left. I don´t think you can get the travel size outsite of the set here in Germany. But it is a great size if you want to try it (you should try it for longer time but you´ll see the difference after the first time using it) or go travelling. My only very tiny "problem" with all of the Dermalogica Products is the smell. THough the kind of medical smell only lasts for about 30 sec, I think it needs to be mentioned!

I´ve been using the Active Moist since beginning of Feb this year and I instantly fell in love with the whole range. I can completly agree with what the other said, just wanted to add that the smell, as in the other products as well, is kind of medical! Though this doesn´t stay for long (approx. 30 sec) It did irritate me in the beginning! BTW if you want to buy it in Germany, the price for 500 ml (3.4 oz.) is 54€.

I can see a difference!

I´ve been using this product for about 3 month now and due to the it being with a hint of colour I only use it in the evening. It does not leave an oily feeling as I would have expected after trying it first. It softens the skin nicely and brigthens the skin a little. It doens´t smell at all - the other dermalogica product have a kind of medical smell to it. I can see a difference between the skin around my eyes! But If you have really bad undereye circles etc you need something stronger so there is no proper use of the concealing part of this product.

After using the whole range for 3 month now my skin changed so much! I even look healthier (though this might be the additional Sport) Its a great product, you need the tiniest amount of product, which I´d say is the least you can do when making it that pricy (it´s 55€ for 500 ml - in Germany) So the Sample sized Little box lasted me for more than two month! The feeling on your skin is lovely. Your skin doesn´t dry out while/after using it.

The only negative thing I´d say is that it´s smells rather medical. But this lasts for about a minute.

The colours this lipstick comes in are great! The way it looks as the Lipstick it looks on your lips as well! But After somewhat an hour my lips were dry! Like the skin was peeling of or something. It felt as if the lipstick had stolen all the moisture from my lips. I used a lipbalm underneath ( one that is not shiny) and it help. But this is not whaat I want from a lipstick I payed 26€ on Though I might need to add, that my lips are really dry at the moment. You need a brush to apply it. I tried it without and had it all ver my mouth area - Not nice!