Active Moist


Kristina H.
Part of my arsenal

So as I age I notice my skin is changing. I am oily and dry at the same time... It's really just the most fun... Sarcasm aside, using the dermalogica line as a routine has truly helped balance my skin. So I started using hydrating booster and active moist as daily skin care items and my face really is much smoother and my makeup goes on much better! It's not very heavy at all so it's great to use during the day. I'm so very pleased with how it works, I don't really know why I have never used it before... (Other than the packaging is kinda boring... Not a good reason, I know!)

Dominique M.
Love it!!

Awesome lightweight moisturizer that's perfect for my oily/combination skin. I use it all year round along with other Dermalogica products. This is also my go-to moisturizer for use on my clients before applying makeup.

Nadia N.
it works

Its a good moisturizer for oily skin but in the winter its not so good for me at least. I needed more and had to use a booster to get the desired result. I learned with this you must have a serum cause the moisturizer itself just sits on top of the skin thats what moisturizers do.

Theresa S.

I´ve been using the Active Moist since beginning of Feb this year and I instantly fell in love with the whole range. I can completly agree with what the other said, just wanted to add that the smell, as in the other products as well, is kind of medical! Though this doesn´t stay for long (approx. 30 sec) It did irritate me in the beginning! BTW if you want to buy it in Germany, the price for 500 ml (3.4 oz.) is 54€.

Quianna W.

Love it and use it daily along with some other products from Dermalogica. Not greasy and pretty lightweight and can be used on any type of skin. One of the best products in their gray line.

Natascha C.
Light but mighty

I've been using this for about 6 months now. I use it at night after a serum. At the Dermalogica counter my skin was analised: I have combination skin but my oily areas are dehydrated because of using agressieve products. This moisturizer hydrates without leaving my skin greasy. When I wake up in the morning my face feels wonderfull. The only downside it has is the price. I live in Belgium and here it retails for about 60 euros for 50 ml (1.7 FL OZ). It does last a long time but if you use it twice a day (like I did in winter) you'll run out fast.

Valencia F.
Super Moist

Dermalogica has managed to single-handely provide one of the best moisturizing products on the market. My mini facials can't survive without it. When I know that I'm pulling everything out of my skin good and bad I realize that I have to put certain things back. Moisture is one of them so I keep the Active Moist close by.

Diana S.
Great just avoid eye area.

I have been using Dermalogica for a little over 2 years now. I was first given the product when I was in Beauty School, and I instantly fell in love with the line. My skin has not looked better! The moisturizer is a light oil free moisturizer so it doesn't leave a greasy oil feeling. It's more of a light clean feeling. Now myself and a few other girls that I went to school with all had the same problem with the product. When placed around the eye area it would run into the eyes and burn. I am a contact lens wearer so this was a HUGE problem however easily fixed! :) Just avoid the eye area.