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Best All In One Brush

This is, for me, the ultimate brush when it comes to doing an eye look. So much so I could probably do an entire eye look with just this brush. Definitely this brush over the Sonia brushes for putting down colour, whether you are using powder or cream. You can even blend and diffuse colour out with this brush. I tend to pair with the Goss 16 as I am lazy when it comes to blending. Love this brush!

Best Blending Brush

I'm no makeup pro, but when I like something, I buy many. This is one of the Wayne Goss brushes I would highly recommend if you're looking for a decent blending brush that takes minimal work. I could create an eye look using just the 16 and 18 - EASILY. This brush is so luxurious and it just softens those crease edges effortlessly. I have 3 on display on my regular use brush holder and one brand new one as a backup in my drawer. Love this brush!

Surprisingly good

I don't know why I was so surprised. This is a Goss brush after all. I would say it's as good as the 18 for applying all over lid colour, though I use it mostly to help blend out the Tilbury Chameleon pencils as I wanted something I could dedicate to non-powder jobs. When comparing the brush heads, the 26S is slightly larger, flatter and not as flexible (but still very good).

I. Own. Three.

This is hands down my favourite blusher brush from any brand. It deposits the right amount of colour onto my cheeks each time I use it. I will say my very first one which I got around two years ago and have retired since did shed (a lot) and got fairly scratchy. Since then my newest three brushes (all purchased within last 2 years) have not been a problem at all (I think my original may have been a dodgy one). So soft, luxurious and cleans easily. I would invest in a brush guard to help keep the form over time (even a cheap one will do). Love them!

Bit stiff but does job

This is a very well made brush, and is good for placing shadow where you want it to go. I love that Sonia has made the handle slimmer and lighter - making it a more manageable tool. I like to use it in conjunction with the Wayne Goss 16 which I feel helps with softening the edges.

Fabulous Form

I've only started using Sonia G brushes for a few weeks and I have to say that her crease brushes are some of the best. I'm normally a die hard Wayne Goss brush girl, but what I've found lacking in his eye brushes is that they lack stiffness when it comes to more detailed placement of shadow on the outer crease. This brush allows you to place product precisely where you want it, even after a few washes it has kept its form - I love it. It's also a brush that fits in my brush holder (not bulky like her previous collection).

Gorgeous gift idea

I love Lina Choo and this mini is a great addition to my collection, Frida alone is stunningly gorgeous for the summer, or for summer vibes in this endless UK winter.

The lipsticks continue to be high impact and long lasting. I don't feel they're as creamy as the originals but it doesn't bother me too much. It could be my current lipsticks are so worn down they feel like butter.

Downsides are if you own the orange shades Da Vinci and Van Gogh, Raffaello is very similar. Also I am not a fan of vampy lips, would have preferred a more reddish burgundy colour than Matisse; or even a deep electric purple. I will warn you that the lipsticks seem quite small, they are mini, however the quality is impeccable. I would recommend this collection to anyone who is curious about Lina Choo, but hasn't bought any of the previous collection. If you wanted one full size shade go for Botticelli (or Duras) if you like nude colours or Shakespeare for a daring red.

Ultimately I want Frida full size 😘🥰 and would happily buy the set as a gift for friends who are into makeup 💄🎁

Natural finish

Ignoring the fact I chose the completely wrong shade, I found the foundation gave me a very natural finish (using Artis brushes), and seemed to act like a tint, warming up my skin, rather than cover my flaws. I didn't use much as a tiny dot spread far and I do not do the caked on look!

For reference, if you are a Mac NC45 Fenty 370 Hourglass Natural Amber ... Then this is probably too dark.

On first application it just looked very orange (this happens when I use Hourglass Warm Almond which this shade is similar to), but it has calmed down to a nice realistic shade. I can just about get away with it, blending foundation all the way down my neck, but if I could go back I'd probably try W04 (however knowing me I'll probably have to mix the two together).

All Day Long

These mattes last all day long. They are super easy to apply as an all over lid colour using a Wayne Goss 18, and a little goes a long way! Although a long lasting formula, they are easy to remove with regular cleansers (I lazily use my Drunk Elephant face wash). My only annoyance is my choice of colours, coffee cake and spice are so similar on the lid, I wish I chose something more adventurous!

Boldly Go Forth

These are very full on, in your face colours: not for the faint hearted. They are extremely pigmented, long wearing and gorgeous. If you are not a make up pro or you're a beginner when it comes to blending (like me), creating halo eyes can be a bit of a struggle (the two purple shades are gorgeous together). For that reason I keep to single colour base with a black shadow blended on the outer eye for a smokey effect. Hopefully with practice I'll get the knack of blending cream colours... Until then I'm enjoying the impact of one colour on my eyes.

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