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Brush 16 Large Eye Shadow Crease Brush

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Valerie G.
Best blender
Photo of product included with review by Valerie G.

I first got this brush as part of the WG eye set. I have since acquired hundreds of eye and face brushes. I have all the Sonia G goat hair brushes, the old Mac 217 goat, japanese-made blenders, synthetics, you name it. This is my absolute favorite blending brush of all time. There’s a rephr dupe but this still beats it. This takes the work out of blending. If you want a simple wash of color, a blend out of harsh blobs, smoke out the outer corner, basically anything that requires blending - this is your brush. Don’t even bother to test out others. I have 5 of these now because I use them daily and I do a lot of smokey eye looks.

My only reservation would be for those with small eyes or monolids. This might be too large, I don’t know. I have Caucasian hooded lids. I had a lot more real estate there when I first got these 3-4 years ago but they still do the job, even with the hoods.

I’m buying another.

Photo - I just washed them, oh well. But you’ll see similar shape with the rephr 01. I also have a 17 there for reference - possibly a little more suited for small eyes.

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Michelle  D.
Awesome blending brush
Photo of product included with review by Michelle  D.

Finally purchased one of these bad boys and am happy with its construction. The photo posted is after I washed it. Can't wait to buy more of the collection.

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J S.
My Go-To Diffuser

This is such a great brush for diffusing and blending. It's large and fluffy, and doesn't mess up the shadows. Just offers a great diffused look. Love it. Current blending fave.

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Chevonese  G.
A must for all eye shapes and all looks

I got this as a big blender brush as everyone needs one, right? I have slightly hooded eyes and my eyes are small. I sometimes find Pat McGrath satin and matte shades hard to blend out evenly. I was using Sigma brushes. I then used the Charlotte Tilbury blending brush. THEN came this brush. A total game changer! This made picking up the colours easy and blending was effortless (I’m no pro by any means). I immediately thought, I need to buy spares! This somehow manages to get into the crease (hooded at that) and blend out colour to a sheer finish. It can build colour up over the crease and blend out a dark shade on the outer v into your transition shade with ease. It really makes the shadow look much better. If you only buy one real hair eyeshadow brush, this is the one to get because of its multitasking abilities and ease of use with various eye shapes and sizes. I also have dry skin on my eyes (eczema). A lot of brushes can feel scratchy. This brush was so soft, I hardly felt it gliding over my crease. I admit I was very surprised at the results!

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Michelle  T.

I don’t know what took me so long to purchase any Wayne Goss brushes. This one is amazing!! I have now purchased 2 more. Don’t hesitate just buy it!!!

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Miss M.
Perfectly soft and no shedding

This crease brush has been perfect for laying down color in the crease. It is very soft and sweeps with ease. I have found that WG and Rephr brushes are my favorite - I have WG's original eye brushes from his very first collection - all of his brushes are high quality...no shedding.

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Katie M.

Very disappointed in this brush. First time use and the bristles fell out. This should not happen with a $30 brush.😡

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Sylvia A.
Every bit as they described.....

Wow. Amazing. Truly luxurious. I bought 2 of these brushes at the same time as a full set of Sonia G. I wish I had spend my money solely on Wayne's brushes. Unlike Sonia, these do not shed, they wash well and hold their shape and are so incredibly soft. Would give these 10 stars. Now I have to save up for the Wayne full eye set because the quality is second to none!!!!

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Laura L.
Amazing brush for large eyes

I have larger eyes and this brush sweeps color on in the easiest way- the bristles are so soft - lovely quality. If I could change one thing I would make the handle just a bit longer.

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Stephanie l.
Great quality

Now I understand why people life high end brushes. This does all the work with ease love it! Highly recommend!

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