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Brush 14 Cheek Brush

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Alexandra K.
Sheds so bad!
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I was looking for a brush with a similar shape to this one. I was very excited once I’d purchased it. On the first try I didn’t notice any fallout. But now I can’t use it anymore cause it sheds like crazy! Not only that, but hairs seem to break. Half of the bristles are shorter now because of that.

Ужасная кисть! Лезет очень сильно, мои клиенты все сидят потом в этом белом «оперении» после использования этой кисти… волоски не только лезут, но и обламываются. Я порой беру кисть, просто провожу рукой сверху, и собираю штук 6-7 волосков. Несмотря на очень удобную форму ее просто невозможно использовать

Vivianne M.
Wayne Wayne Wayne

I am a fan no doubt about it. I strted of with the eye set and then continued with individual brushes, this was one of them and I was looking for a fluffy, not dense at all brush that could apply cheek color naturally and bingo! Of course no surprize with Wayne products but seriously if you want some real natural cheeks and highlight go for this one

juila n.
did not meet my expectations

it's my first brush from WAYNE GOSS, I bought it because of good reviews, but it sheds, with each application a few hairs fall out, I expected better quality

Cristina  B.

This is another amazing brush from Wayne Goss, all of his brushes are extraordinary the softness the quality,definitely worth it

Sheila D.
The Best Highlighter Brush

Love Wayne’s brushes. I have brushes from every brand and these are the best in the world.

Sofia A.
Perfect brush.

This is such an amazing brush, I use it for blush as it applies the perfect amount. I also use it for highlighter for a more natural look. It blends perfectly and is so soft and fluffy, best brush ever.

C J.
My go to brush to apply blush

I love this brush! I have several blushes that are very pigmented and because of the fluffiness of this brush it doesn't pick up too much product. I am able to build the amount of blush gradually. I have also tried using this brush to apply highlight and it does an excellent job with that since I prefer a more subtle diffused application. I have the Goss Airbrush which I use to blend any hard edges. I have not experienced any shedding with my brush. I am considering purchasing another #14 cheek brush so I have a back up.

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Valentine I.
A Cheek Brush Hero

Wayne’s 14 is the perfect brush for my more pigmented blushers. It diffuses them into a light wash of colour beautifully on the skin. I haven’t had any issues with shedding apart from the odd hair now and then and I’ve had mine for a couple of months already. Very happy with this little gem.

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Jessica T.
Amazing blush brush

This brush puffs out nicely after washing, and is the perfect density and size for blush. Love it.

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Heidi V.
I. Own. Three.
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This is hands down my favourite blusher brush from any brand. It deposits the right amount of colour onto my cheeks each time I use it. I will say my very first one which I got around two years ago and have retired since did shed (a lot) and got fairly scratchy. Since then my newest three brushes (all purchased within last 2 years) have not been a problem at all (I think my original may have been a dodgy one). So soft, luxurious and cleans easily. I would invest in a brush guard to help keep the form over time (even a cheap one will do). Love them!

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