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Brush 26S Blending Brush

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Heidi V.
Surprisingly good
Photo of product included with review by Heidi V.

I don't know why I was so surprised. This is a Goss brush after all. I would say it's as good as the 18 for applying all over lid colour, though I use it mostly to help blend out the Tilbury Chameleon pencils as I wanted something I could dedicate to non-powder jobs. When comparing the brush heads, the 26S is slightly larger, flatter and not as flexible (but still very good).

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Kate E.
Absolute heavenly brush

This brush is just jaw droppping! It is gorgeous and soft for one and it makes a huge different in applying and blending shadow .. I didn’t know what I was missing out on until I used this brush. It really made creating my eye look so much easier, faster and prettier with its superior blending abilities . Highly recommend

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Samantha  B.
Excellent Concealer brush

I originally bought this for Charlotte Tilbury cream eye shadows but it quickly became my favorite for Softly blending out concealer. This multitasker is a gem. WG synthetics are top is the line

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Jennifer W.
Absolutely wonderful for cream shadow!

I've had this brush for months and I love using it for eye shadow but it really really shines when I'm using cream shadows such as the ByTerry shadow sticks and the Charlotte Tilbery cream shadows. It picks up the product very well and then lays it down and it really helps blend out the product. It's also very soft. I have sensitive eyes that can start to hurt if something is too rough when I'm blending for a while and I haven't needed to use this long enough for blending or it just doesn't hurt my eyes and I really appreciate that.

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Michelle F.
What was I waiting for??

So I finally told myself to splurge and get some really nice brushes. I lucked out and hubs wanted to get me a set of brushes for Christmas. At that time Wayne's brushes were sold out. SoniaG's Sky eye set were due to drop. I fell hard. Waynes brushes came back in stock and I thought I had time. I did NOT. When it sold out I was so upset, I was trying to wait for my next order from beautylish SO when I was prepared to order I chose 2 of his brushes for eyes. This synthetic one and the #19. I have slightly hooded eyes and always struggle with blending more precisely and this brush is incredible! But I digress. The synthetic one I was concerned I had gotten spoiled to natural hair brush feel. Wow, this one is VERY soft and it applies shadows like a dream. I just got the ND Love palette and omgosh. I've not stopped wearing it. I've spent the better part of my makeup wearing life doing without decent tools. Of course I went probably 15 yrs with ONE brush from Merle Norman and that was a HUGE difference from those sponge tipped applicators. Once I started watching youtube in 2014 specifically the beauty channels. Bought one set of brushes from amazon and thought I was really stepping it up, My favorite beauty sub box had me really improving my makeup game with the plethora of makeup and so many brushes! Some good, some decent and some not so good. Since I started watching Alicia (kinkysweat) she introduced me to the Japanese "Fude" addiction, Mama Pat, SoniaG and Natasha Denona. My wallet is always mad at her but oh my, how I LOVE it all! So all of that to say, as soon as Wayne's eye set is back in stock I am ordering. I will NOT wait! I have to!

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