Beauty Product Reviews

In love...

These feel wonderful when you put them on....literally like butter. I wanted to wipe it off, just so I could put more on! I really like that they give you color like a gloss or lipstick, but feel like a moisturizing lip balm when you put it on. The colors are great and there are enough that there is one for everyone. I usually tend toward more sheer/nude shades and this has some great coral, pink, and brown tinted nude/sheers.

I love this stuff! I am fair-light so I use fair, and mainly apply around my nose, mouth and under eyes. It's honestly an eraser. I take away a half star because it can be a little difficult to judge how much to use. You really do have to just dot it on.

Try them!

I tried these out of necessity initially. A brow wax gone wrong (someone took half my brow off!) left me needing something to rectify my misshapen brow. In an emergency run to Ulta, I found these, raced home and YES! An Eyebrow! The kit provides you with wax and powder. You apply the wax to your brow, shaping as you go, and the powder sticks to where you put the wax. In my trial case, I had just enough eyebrow left to fool the world until my eyebrow grew back. In the end, I found an awesome product that provides an easy, quick brow shaping tool that makes my (now two) brows look fab!


I use this for my T-zone, primarily where I have large pores and trouble spots. It's not an all over face primer, but has a great camouflage capability for areas that need extra attention. I use a regular all over face primer first, conceal, this product in T-zone, then Bb cream. Gives a nice matte finish, long lasting, applies smoothly, a little goes a long way!


This is the first beauty product that I can honestly say I saw a noticeable difference in my skin right away. Without makeup on, my face was very uneven...a few acne scars, redness, some dryness. After starting to use this, it's as if it started repairing my skin slowly. My skin glows, no more redness, and trouble areas are less obvious. Plus, you only need 3 drops, so even though it's pricey, it lasts a while. Love it!

This is the only cleanser I'll use. I use it with my Clairsonic, and my face is smooth and it always feels "clean". Until I started using this, I always had residue from other cleansers, and I'd have to retrace my steps with other products. You only need a tiny bit to make a huge difference, so it goes a long way.

Best base I've tried!

I've tried several shadow primers and bases and this is by far my favorite. My shadow holds color and intensity all day and stays where I put it. No creases! Love it!

Watery, thin.

I was really disappointed with this primer because all other UD products impress me. It was watery, thin, and just didn't set well. My shadow doesn't stay put with this. It creases and fades.

A Weekly Staple

I use this about once a week and have for several years. It's reliable and just what you need to keep your hair from building up residue, oil, etc from hair products and an array of shampoos and treatments. No matter what other high end products I may have on hand, I use this at least one day a week and my hair feels clean, soft and full of volume afterward. It's like a clean slate! I only take off a half star because it doesn't smell that great and I agree with other reviewers it can be a little drying. But it's not an everyday shampoo.

Great for fine hair!

This product is great, especially if you need some lift at your roots and like me, have fine hair. It gives me both volume and magic dust! Will repurchase.

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