Pure Abundance Hair Potion


Cara L.
Beachy Volume for Fine Hair!

This is a great alternative for those who love dry shampoo. Like dry shampoo the potion will absorb the oils at the root. Rub it together between your palms to emulsify. Finger through the hair to create texture. Gives a much more direct application to the roots then an aerosol dry shampoo. AMAZING for creating a matte beachy bed head texture on medium to short hair!

Megan S.
Awesome for some big hair and grip!

This is one of my favorite products! It is awesome for backcombing, all you do is sprinkle a little near your scalp and rub it in or backcomb for additional volume that holds all day! Just make sure to not keep it in a hot room and don't shake it or else it will liquify and be ruined!

Shauna  W.
Great for fine hair!

This product is great, especially if you need some lift at your roots and like me, have fine hair. It gives me both volume and texture...like magic dust! Will repurchase.

Shayla N.
Amazing, if you know how to use it!

Use it on dry hair... Prime the bottle first! With the lid on turn it over gently once, then twice. Open the cap and "pouf" the product into the hair, holding the bottle sideways and gently squeezing. That way you don't get a clump of potion in one spot. This stuff is amazing for straight, curly and wavy styles. Especially fantastic for putting the hair up, it gives "grip" to fine hair so it stays!