Beauty Product Reviews


All my brushes are ECOTOOL brushes. I have this set and it's perfect! It has everything you need for your eye makeup. I clean my brushes with shampoo and conditioner and they are as good as new. Great products.


It is the classic inexpensive mascara that I always go back to. I've tried several other mascaras and finally gave up and stuck to this one the past 3 years. I LOOOVE it.

Very pretty color. I put light foundation on my lips and use this lipstick. It gives me that perfect nude shimmer. The only downfall, since it is a moisturizing lipstick, t does not stay on long. You definitely have to take it with you to retouch.

So glad I found these!

These are my first cream blushes and I looove them. I have been looking for the right blush for a while, finally last week I found these. They are very pigmented and it's better to use a brush and dab on your cheek gradually. When you dab the brush on the blush, it may look like there is not much, but trust me, one or two dabs is more than enough! Best of all, it stays!! I mix the cb10 GOLDEN and the cb08 HOT PINK.

My first time using a cream eyeliner and I have no complaints. Smooth and pigmented. No need to use several coats to get that perfect dark line. The only bad thing about this product is the small brush that it comes with. If you have your own eyeliner brush, use that instead. The one in the box gets hard and looses it's shape after several uses.

I love it

I used to use MAC foundation until I tried this product. It stays and it is not tough on your skin. MAC was making me break out. It blends really well! If I'm in a rush, I can skip using concealer and just dab this on under-eye circles and it does the job. My favorite foundation.


I was impressed when I first started using it, until I put the top nail polish coat on...apparently you have to let it dry for 30 mins or more for it not to smear. Also, it cracks when it dries. I wouldn't purchase another one.