Beauty Product Reviews

Love Love Love!!

I love this palette!! Its an awesome range of colors, that sometimes you don't even know where to begin! Very good for blending, and doing gradient looks. These are pretty amazing wet or dry... I love them! Good purchase!


All I can say is never go out without them especially if you're oily!!! WONDERFUL!!!!! These will pick up absolutely any and all oil that your face can possibly create!!!!


I liked the texture of this when I bought it!! but It was not BLACK!!! It was kinda a dark gunmetal color!!! I assumed it was black hence the name (Charcoal) Which was not what I needed at the time!! So I took it back...

These are pretty decent shadows depending on what you are looking for (I have about 7 of them!!)... I hate the extra glitter residue on these shadows they tend to leave a lot behind, but overall the color selection is very wide, so you'll have lots of choices! Some colors go on really pigmented, and some others are really thin and don't show and blend as good... But that will all depend on the color and what you plan to so with them. Though for the price of $17.00, I think that you should choose carefully!

Love the Multi Use

I like this clear mascara mostly for its multi uses... I like that its an eyebrow gel, and a clear base mascara...I mostly have used it in the past for a base coat for my mascara, it separates my lashes and makes it easier to take my actual mascara off!! Great for the price... no need to buy the expensive stuff!!